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Kaitlinh✨  For business inquiries email slimesherbetco@gmail.com 🍒Just restocked! Sherbeteshop.com🍓


Vote on my story to see what will happen to my shop!
What are some things you want for Christmas?💕

Look who posted!
Comment some name ideas for this mango lookin sludge

Found out my Shopify has been glitching :/ If your order hasn’t shipped i never saw them. I contacted Shopify support and got it fixed. All orders will be shipped tmr.
Comment your favorite emoji!
Halloween 🎃 slimes next Tuesday!

So this happened. 🍯
Ty to the HARRY SHOW
I’ll be on tv 10/11
1P on Fox or at 4P on MyTV 20

Strange thing I did for fun.. LOL
Comment 5 things that are yellow

Woah look at this quality.
I filmed on my moms phone!!

I’m back!
Hi guys I’m doing a giveaway! If I get 8,000 comments! If I get 10,000 comments I’ll pick 3 winners.
(If you’re from my story I changed it!)

Mixing fake snow!
Restock of this on Friday

(I had art class today and paint stained my hands lol)
Some clear slime that never cleared up?
All orders will be shipped today or tmr!
I actually want to make a huge batch of this and sell it ahh.. names?

Clicky Slime Base!
(I decided not to put the instructions in the video bc I like it w/o them)
1. Add 1:1 ratio of clear to white glue
2. Add foaming soap, dye, and lotion. ^i added too much lotion
3. I didn't activate in the video. Use 1 1/2 cups of water to 1 tsp of borax.
Substitutes for borax include: laundry detergent, contact lenses solution, etc.
Comment any questions bellow!
I may post the activating video later :/

I wanted to let everyone know that on Sunday I'll be doing a second restock for the bestsellers! Also I'll be introducing some charity slimes! All proceeds will go to charities.

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