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Restock this Friday!

Type the word “Spring” with your eyes closed!!

Moved my restock to next FRIDAY!!
Just so i can get as many slimes as possible out!!
@rainbowslimess1 yellow slime
haven’t been able to film all that much but I finally fixed my tripod eyy

sry for this terrible video 😅 Also, I was planning to keep this completely clear but it turned a bit foggy. Now it has some sprinkles and it thiccc and stretchy. This will be for sale on Friday!!
✨ I have very limited quantities and plan to only stock about 15 of these✨
If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, which movie would you choose?

Some Jelly Cubez
Comment emojis you’ve never used before!!

I cant wait for gumball soup to clear up :)
@momoslimes_ inspo
sry for all the random cuts in the video there was background noise :/
Comment some, would you rather questions!

@parakeetslimes inspo
Who’s your least favorite singer?

this will be for sale next week on Friday!
Favorite cereal?
🌈 I love lucky charms lol
hahah guys this isn’t real!! LMAOO
The brown things are foam slices

From 1-10 how much do you like school?
I’m would prob be a 4
why is my name so hard to spell ahaha 🍒

comment a number from 1-1000
if you guess my number i will give you a shoutout on this post!
congrats my number was 239
@slimedujour (2 videos)

i didn’t have anytime to upload a new compilation but here’s one i made a while ago lol
update.. it’s actually so pretty outside today so i might film ;)
also my sponge foam things are coming on sunday!!
tag someone that’s short hehe. 🍒
@surfslimeco (first 2 videos)

hey y’all i don’t have a place to film atm but here’s a compilation. i’m not sure about all the new trends in the slime community!! Comment trends i should film or try out
i forgot how long it took to make these omg
shoutouts are appreciated to help get this account active ;)

Look who posted!
Comment some name ideas for this mango lookin sludge

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