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slime from @softrockslimes!
(pretend that i haven’t posted this slime two other times)
comment an unpopular opinion using the format
“not gonna lie (ngl), __________________”
not gonna lie, the food i’ve had at austin is pretty disappointing

comment something weird that you’ve overheard before/heard someone else say!
“i’m straight-gay” - some guy a couple tables behind me
“picasso is overrated” - a middle-aged man

will it slime: daiso clear glue pens
song: chasing cars (piano instrumental)
do you like these type of videos? should i make more of them?

whAtt i painted my nails??!
not really, i just thought it’d be cool to paint my nails with the same paint as the one i used for the slime lol
describe your mood right now without directly saying what it is (if that makes sense)
example: butterflies in my stomach, heart beating faster the more i think

i hope that the people at slimers in the city are having fun/going to have fun lol
are you attending any slime conventions/meet ups?
im can’t because im busy during all of the ones i was invited to :/

strawberry mascarpone
from @softrockslimes!
this one inflates like crAzy so some of it leaked out of the container onto my carpet after i played with it lol
what’s your favorite strawberry-flavored food/drink?
mmm strawberry cheesecake

can you count how many times i’ve posted a food coloring mix video?

berry buttery!
i just arrived in austin, texas!
do you have any recommendations on what to do/eat?

s u r p r i s e
i just restocked some slimes!
link in bio :D
(this is chowder cream btw)

siz sizz sizzz
im heading to texas in a couple days and im gonna be there for around 3.5 weeks!
do you know anyone from texas?
i know that there’s a bunch of slimers that live there like rad.slime, mintyslimey, bookshelf.slimes...
and apparently, i have some distant relatives there too

result of the pink bead mixing from a while ago
what was the last thing you spent $20+ on?
a skirt that i spent $25 on shipping for lol

comment something in a foreign language, find someone that can speak the same language, and have a conversation with them in the comments!

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