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✩.・*:。≻ slime .•*:。✩  daily satisfying videos ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶ — since november 2016!

on the car rn going to a different part of korea (▰˘◡˘▰) but its still so cold, stay warm!!🌱🌩

korea is soooooo cold i’m literally freezing rn, i wore like four layers of clothing but it’s still so cold omg

cr: @monalisasliimes
good morning!! posted clay mixing videos three times in a row :-)

cr: @popularslime
double post bc i need to clear out videos so that i can save new ones! my dad got me a new cable to charge my phone i’m happy (my old one was spoilt) teehee. my phone is at 1% bye

cr— @slime.brn
i hope i can watch finish im not a robot before i go overseas and good night!! 🌙

cr: @slimey.whale
i removed my nail polish a few days ago and it feels weird w/o it sometimes hhh
i’m not a robot is a really good show y’all should watch >:)

cr— @jaguarslimess
this video is really satisfying though ✧(σ๑˃̶̀ꇴ˂̶́)σ
sigh i’m packing my books rn

cr: @slimedujour
hi i started to stan stray kids :’) and i’m going overseas in a few more days! i’m! hyped!

this is so cute ~̎̎٩(⌒͡∀⌒͡⌯̊)̥̊◦
do y’all own any cameras?
i have a polaroid camera i got 3-4 years ago but i ran out of films so i didn’t use it anymore ✊

deleted 1000 over videos today yikes and i think my charger is spoilt :’0
edit: i didn’t realise this video was this short, but enjoy the short crunch?

cr— @slimesorim
hello good morning (o^∀^o)
i was supposed to get new slime supplies but guess who’s broke heh i need tidy my room too. i hope it won’t be that cold in korea :’’0

cr— @pikaslimes_
aye i’m sorry for posting at such a late timing hehe is anyone still awake ♡✧( •⌄• )
so i’ve been busy packing for my trip next week and i’m super hyped! and once again i need to clear my storage *sighs* i literally have 2000 videos and 20000 photos lmao i still need to download songs 0: okay good night 🌙💛
edit: it’s 1am here rn eeks

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