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(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ  💛— daily satisfying videos! 🌙— #slimeleafrepost!

i have a sudden craving for chocolate chip cookies 😋🍪 & my ear have a cut it hurts,, i should save videos in advance so i can post (。•́︿•̀。)

cr— @stellarslime
today was the first day of school and i’m sleepy already, what a good start

cr— @rad.slime
supposed to wake up at 6 to study but it’s 8.30 now and i just woke up 🌧✊
super unproductive this holiday (-’๏_๏’-)

@slimes3s ‘’truly disappointed, i’d rather not know forever, it hurts’’ ✊

temporary video 0:
i thought this was pretty satisfying, but this was part of the mixture for the cookies i was baking 🤑

cr— @slimeauroraofficial
got baking ingredients jn
and we’re gonna bake macarons and cookies later .:) holidays are dope

cr— @sajeslime
my secret romance is a good show 🗣
last day of the term today :)-)-))-))-(

cr— @popularslime
watched crazy rich asians,, it was nice .:) 10/10 recommended if you’re okay with swear words

cr— @hyokyung.u
q: what time do you start school?

cr— @softrockslimes
i love her themes they’re so aesthetic
2 more days of school 💀

cr— @pastelslimessssszz
q: whats a movie you want to watch but couldn’t?
a: train to busan
i got scared so i couldn’t watch finish the whole movie 🎥

cr: @pixar.slime
q: do u eat candies?
a: ofc, i love them
guess who got a new mat to film good slime videos ;) my back hurts tho ouch

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