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expect another post from me soon! it will be about my last restock details. and i will be posting all my best videos on @sbsarchive , please go to that account if you still want to see slime. all videos on this account will be deleted.
all in all, please read the note by swiping. thank you guys so so so much for being so sweet and caring. love u guys❤️

hey guys! for a lot of the new followers here, i'm sara. for six months i ran a slime account which was unfortunately deleted by instagram at 123k followers, which in some way i'm glad because it gave me a chance to do everything over again on this account. it's been roughly a year since i ever started slime, and thinking about it, that's a really long time 😂 when i started, this account was a haven from my actual life, during those months i was struggling with mental illness, mostly suicidal thoughts. the slime community, however "childish" it may be, offered me a brief relief from the rest of the world. as the days progressed, my mental state got worse, until it reached a boiling point where there was one day during August of last year where i truly thought that it was my last day on earth. as time went on, up til this day, i've adjusted and learned more and grew to appreciate life and finally open a doorway for myself to be happy. these days, i'm amazed at how different life is, no longer am i crying myself to sleep, no longer am i wanting to die everyday. it shocks me, it truly feels like i've found genuine happiness. with this revelation, it is my wish to leave behind the dark chapter and leave behind all those demons where they belong- in the past. i want a fresh start with a fresh mind and a fresh outlook on life. i want to become an entirely different person. and along with leaving my issues behind, i think this account is something that i've outgrown along with those struggles. while i still love the community and how much positivity it brings, i feel like i am slowly losing motivation to post and continue selling. it's not because of the people and stuff of course. just like how you can lose your enthusiasm for a hobby, or grow out of a relationship, it feels like that. i am still debating on when i will officially stop, it will definitely not be for at least a few weeks. i've come to realize that me quitting this account feels like a symbolic action of me starting fresh, however cheesy that may sound. i'm not leaving just yet, but i wanted to get this out there. IM NOT LEAVING NOW, don't worry!❤️love you guys.


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