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Ava West  Model • Singer • Songwriter • Actress • Atx Angel in disguise ⬇️🥀

Let’s bleed together, pull me closer, take me under.... @whereispete1

It feels kinda crazy, every time you see me, I’m on my own, feeling better really, I can see you clearly ... @ashley_metro

You stared in my eyes and I found it hard to

We make choices, and then we live with them, and then we die with them.. @steezy.kane

And you must know we do not really change over time; we are as flowers unfolding, we merely become more nearly ourselves... @ashley_metro

She was stuck in her own little world @steezy.kane

My heart is fragile, my back has scars, yet still I’m searching in the dark... @ashley_metro

We can pretend
that it’ll be ok
Just hold my hand
Take my breath away

I brought you something close to me,
Left for something you see though you're here.
You haunt my dreams
There's nothing to do but believe,
Just believe.
Just breathe.... @steezy.kane

God forgives I don’t

Don’t touch, too hot to handle... @ashley_metro

real hauntings have nothing to do with ghosts, they have to do with the menace of a memory......@whereispete1

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