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WWW.SLIMEJEWEL.COM  ✨ All original content ✨ Worldwide shipping πŸ’Œ info@slimejewel.com Restocks Saturday @ 3pm PST


blue nails are cancelled

i had some ruff holidays but i hope urs were amazing. #newyearnewme??😭

father and son. glucose guardian is thiccer than ever

πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸž he smells beautiful like french toast. the tiny butter pat is obv happy to be there too. i'll add this on saturday. also new lighting who dis??

πŸ‡ grape soda teas

what are u going to dress up as for halloween :) πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

peach mochi πŸ‘πŸ‘ i love this texture sm its soft + velvety like mochi and it smells like peach rings ! adding this on saturday. also the weather is finally cooling down enough to where i can hopefully start accepting reviews soon!!

sorry for my recent inactivity. i haven't been feeling great and the shooting that happened here in vegas has only served to make me feel worse. thank you so much for your kind messages, even though i haven't responded in a while i read them all and appreciate them so much. i'll be announcing the winners to my giveaway in my story in a few minutes

supermarket sugar cookie !! you know the ones if you're in america. scented just like it w tiny heart-shaped faux sprinkles. adding this to my restock on saturday ✨

tank snoring in the background asmr

mini bundle !!!! includes boo beary's fur, honeydew shaved ice, teddy bear fur + fuzzy peach. restocking in under 1 hr :)

strawberry cake 🍰i combined my birthday cake scent n strawberry. best idea of my life. i can't sleep x o x

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