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WWW.SLIMEJEWEL.COM  ✨ All original content ✨ Worldwide shipping 💌 Restocks every Saturday!

emoji mirror cake 💖 tag someone prettier than this cake like @princessmonstertruck

fuzzy 🍑, sugary peach scent.. like syrup or candy
my v2.0 peach vid.
sorry, no it doesn't come with the bb from the cover photo but do u like her? it took me a while to make out of daiso.
also thank you!! to anyone who purchased from my restock yesterday and i'm sorry if you missed out!! :( don't guilt me ily

lilac butter, updated 🌸 flowery scent. guess who restocks today... me @ 3pm pst !!

teddy bear fur, teddy graham scent !!🐻 restocked tomorrow along w sour apple shaved ice + angel food frostie :) check out @theslimehive 's story for a review !

do you like it.
angel food frostie ft. clear slime ✨

angel food frostie 🍰the same texture as my sour apple shaved ice! except this one smells like cake batter fudge + is packed w a ton of glitter so it looks rly magical in person, but the glitter doesn't translate on camera. for those of u asking i will be stocking some of these kinds of slimes on saturday !!

cherry honey bear slime 🍒🍯🐻
maraschino cherry scent, restocked saturday.
tag a little bear. @liljon is mine

sour apple shaved ice 🍏🍧 scented like a lil granny smith. this texture is by far my new favorite. it's so fluffy when u pull it apart but compacts so nicely !! i just love it so much i want to give the whole world a piece smh ☹️ ty @yammyfactory

unicorn butter, 🦄scented like SWEET TARTS!!! my new fave slime p sure. i've updated my recipe so it's more spreadable than in the past!! going up in a bit pls chill in my dms 💕

boo berry going up in tomorrow's restock :^) smells like what else. which insta famous dog would u like to meet. mine would be @tunameltsmyheart or betch- @pardonthyfrench can't pick just one, tf.

a smol sprinkled butter pat. i think i love floam now?? ps- when do you start school so i can keep you in my prayers

teddy graham slime 🐻scented just like honey teddy grahams 😦 smells sooo good. stocking saturday ! what is ur fave childhood snack???

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