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🥀 i’m melting just like this it’s so hot

i can’t believe i’ve had this og bday cake bb up for almost 2 yrs. do u have any special bday traditions? i like to get my pup a burger on his birthday bc it’s his favorite thing in the world 🍔🎂🐶

cherry cheesecake batter goes up tomorrow! i love how this smells and the little foam chunks give it a nice texture. i think i’m a floam convert now tbh

i wanted to recreate the qt french toast on my french toast slime label!! i love the bb n the butter pat friend. restocking later today :^)

i love jellies 🤷‍♀️ what color should i make next !!

i wanted to hulk smash it but i restrained myself. are u guys out of school yet or are you counting the days

meme is life 💖

watermelon shaved ice 🍉 goes up 2day, yum

big softy!! he’s not mean.. he’s just sensitive and misunderstood. i finally worked out a perfect XXtreme fluff recipe and it was only fitting that i scented him like strawberry marshmallows. i adore him

animal cookie floam in today’s restock!! white chocolate + sugar cookie. i made it w my fluffy base so he fluffs up and crunches like a dream

cutie cloud for tomorrow’s restock!!🍊 i love cuties so much bc they’re tiny and portable so i scented this cloud slime w the perfect mandarin scent. i hope you guys like my new packaging!! i worked so hard on it lmaoo i revised it probably 20 times but i love it bc it feels very *me* + i especially enjoyed making ugly/cute drawings for each slime

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