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just some cuties i found a long the way 🤩

happy sis con mì frozé🍹

my precious lolo. he doesn’t talk much because he is shy. but also doesn’t speak very good english. but every other word or cute little peep that does come out of him, we laugh bc it is so sincere and witty. when we were young, he’d either be cooking our favorite filipino dish, gardening outside, folding our blankets so precisely and/or watching jackie chan movies 😂 i wish my lola was in this pic too. they still hold hands, they walk in sync side by side almost everywhere they go, my lola still fixes his clothes, directs him and sincerely loves him to pieces. wherever one goes, the other follows. my lolo forgets often now.. so my lola makes sure to never leave his side. they are both so strong and loyal to each other. except today my lola asks how many pieces of lumpia should they give us and he said “only 2” 😂😂 the purest love there is out there. i love their love 💗

me and cori being fake on sunday


i wanna be her 🧡 she doesn’t ever care she has wedgies

summertime sammich 🥂

sweetest heart ✨

my eyebrows on a good day. not today though. the heat done melted them off!

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