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Eli Syed

The first female to PayPal me $44.07 plus a little extra for this tank of gas and some food can be my valentine. Serious inquiries only.

year of dol. rabbit season. link in bio. send it.

new dol shirts at . new video in @bohntommy bio .


Happy birthday, brother. @jake.goodrich I am for real trash.

My brother @bohntommy 's new video, Duragg, is premiering tonight at Spacebar @ 9 pm. Artwork by @worksbychio will be on display too. very limited amount of shirts will be for sale as well. Talk to @tomboutism if you're trying to get one. #GDMFDURAGG

@bohntommy has a 6 min video up of all of us in ny this past week. Full video link in bio. Duragg coming in November.

Back in 2010 or 2011 soon after Mind Field came out the entire Workshop team stopped at @plus_skateshop for a signing and demo. Getting autographs from pro skaters has always been strange to me, but I decided that this particular case was different. I didn't have a poster or anything to get signed so I got a dollar out of my wallet. I went down the row of some of the best skaters in the world and towards the end sat Dylan Rieder. I didn't have much to say to any of them, simply because I just didn't know what to say. The majority of the team signed the dollar and had the next thing to sign in their hands before I could even move over. I put the dollar down in front of Dylan Rieder and he quickly slipped it in to his pocket, looked up at me and said "thanks" and smiled at me jokingly. He took the dollar out of his pocket, signed it and handed it back to me. I'm sure I laughed a little too hard at the joke before thanking him and shaking his hand, but instead of making me feel weird for it he just continued to smile. I'll never forget the feeling I had in that moment. Rest In Peace, wherever you are. DR forever.