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Sleepy Root Farm  A small family farm growing veggies for the Twin Cities area. Chef-turned-farmer Heather loves to share great cooking ideas with you!

Best part of summertime!
#wescreamforicecream #momrules

Mommy-daughter date at Fawn Doe Rosa!

So many thanks to the great Emily Johnson of EC Design (and a long time CSA member) for creating my second ring as part of my series! She made the rose gold band for my wedding and the green gold for my birthday. #lovemyhubby #lovemyjeweler #ecdesignjewelry

When your Surdyk's family surprises you with the most fabulous, love-filled gift on your birthday...
#surdyks #love #iamblessed

Another winning meal shared by #Saduenow. Thanks for the food love!
#csamembersrock #hungry

Another view of the flattened onions...

The onions all got blown flat, too! They should recover if we have some calm weather for a while.
Might have some ugly bunches of green onions for Thursday shares. #sorry

This was a field of sweet corn. Now totally flattened! Stay tuned as we wait and see if it recovers.
#sorrylindsey #savethesweetcorn

Huge storm surprised everyone last night-strong enough to tear the roof off of one of our silos. Lost some trees too, crops look ok so far. #thankyou #couldhavebeenworse

Rows of gorgeous healthy tomato plants! #summertime #tomatoesarecoming

Tiny little zucchinis are happening! We just love these weekend farm walks to see how everything is developing.
#sundaywalk #zucchininextweek!

Happy little bees on a farm full of clover!

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