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hollis  38➕TX➕art director➕vegan🌱➕wife of @spaught🏳️‍🌈➕radical trachelectomy for cervical cancer➕TTC since 2016➕DOR w .81 AMH➕2 IUIs🚫➕IVF1&2🚫➕ERA


I have been coerced. I did not say yes, but I did not say no. I am not proud, nor should they be.

The 2018 women’s march is this weekend! Link in bio to find one near you!! #womensmarch #womensmarch2018 #notmypresident #rockthevote #powertothepolls

#Repost from @brandicarlile. I would like to forgive Pastor Tim.

I forgive you for deciding not to baptize me when I was a teenager for being gay.

It was not so much that you wouldn’t or couldn’t do it because of the tenants put in place by the baptist rules and traditions, but because you waited until all my family and friends were present and waiting in the pews for the ceremony.

I don’t believe you did it to humiliate me - I think you struggled with the decision and simply ran out of time... I think you probably still do struggle with it.

I’d like you to know that I still love you and that I understand we’re all on a journey together, trying our best to walk through the world with honor and dignity - but what I want you to know most of all is that you did not damage my faith. Not in god, not in humanity and not in myself.

The experience inspired me to help other gay kids and my spiritual LGBTQ brothers and sisters come to terms with the disappointments they’ve endured on the rugged road to peace and acceptance. I think you’d appreciate that process.

You’ve helped far more people than you’ve hurt and you helped me too.

Thank you


Sometimes Texas gets cold. I like it.

We will be there in two weeks! Got any (vegan) food suggestions or activities? We already have ax throwing scheduled! #philly #phillyvegan #phillysuggestions

#Repost from @wearewildfang. NEW YEAR, SAME PLAYLIST #itsbritneybitch

#Repost from @vegancirclejerk. switzerland recently banned boiling lobsters alive!! 💗✊️🇨🇭
#switzerland #animalrights #compassion #empathy #govegan #veganforeverything #plantbased

👏👏👏 Coretta Scott King 👏👏👏

It seems appropriate that this arrived today. 💗✊️💗 #mlkjrday #childrensbooks

#Repost from @thebeeandthefox. Here’s to strong women, letterpress print. #thebeeandthefox #letterpress 📷by @erinmcneely

My nineties kid heart is crushed.
#Repost from @krystlewallis. Dolores O'Riordan was my root. She was my first memory of feeling pulled to a female musician, and I wanted to be her instantly. Her look, her voice, her talent. The Cranberries we're one of the first bands that I knew of 'first', by word of mouth and rushing to get the cassette tapes and whatnot, saying things like 'I know that song. I've been listening to them forever.'. I think I was 9 or 10. Wow, what a sad day. Thank you for the music and influence, Dolores O'Riordan. RIP.
#deloresoriordan #thecranberries #restinpeace #rip #restinparadise #music #rockmusic #femalemusician #dreams #guitarist #femaleguitarist #linger #zombie #90smusic #queer #soundtrack #influencer #legend #rockstar #rocker

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