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Robbie  Daytona Beach 🌴

This piece is ready for the @georgia_grundle_run, who's coming with me?

Don't half ass this shit Irma, I'm not trying to limp away from this thing.

Five minutes into eclipse and chill and he gives you this look


Georgia on my mind

🚨Getting ready to protect and serve the shit out of the greater Daytona area🚨#makefairingscoolagain #kz1000p #baggernation #stopresisting #acab 🏍

Found this one on @oldbikebarn's Facebook page. I'm assuming @mikevandegriff took this since @nico_voit is behind me. I need to go on another trip soon so I can stop posting pictures from this one. #eldiablorun2017 #yesimstillpostingaboutit #noidontcare #eatmyshorts #oldbikebarn #vintageisbetter

5-15-17, We were on our way out of the Mexican desert when an hombre we were riding with came down with a case of Montezuma's revenge, leaving him very dehydrated and unable to ride. We were stranded at a gas station(that had no gas) for several hours before we got him hooked up with an ambulance, and paid some locals to load his bike up in their truck and lead us to the hospital. We were on edge the whole ride, hoping we were actually on the way to the hospital instead of his amigos chop shop. Luckily the Mexicans we ran into were of the gringo friendly variety. We made it to the hospital, found him, and rode into the states together. But while we were at the gas station, another local sauntered up with a coke bottle filled with some green mystery liquid and a dirty ass rag, and he started polishing my girder. I told him repeatedly that I had 'no dinero', but he insisted it was okay and there was no charge. He knew damn well I had money on me, and he also knew I would give it to him if he rubbed his dirty ass rag all over my bike. Son of a bitch. @nico_voit managed to snap a picture of him in action and preserve a memory I would have otherwise forgotten. #edr2017 #dontdrinkthewater #cocolocos #wayshegoes

Thank you for taking so many cool pictures of my pile of junk @nico_voit.
#edr2017 #z1

My buddy @dadasstho just finished his evo chop and it's friggin tough 💪🏻🇺🇸#floridarepresent #makeamericafloridaagain

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