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Ayesha King  Atheist🔬 Intersectional feminist💪🏼💪🏾💪🏿 Aerial performer and instructor 🎪 Lover of animals, books, opera🐱🐶 Rescue mama Married to my love Kerry🎸

I know how hard @blkatk9 has been working to get Gypsy a home in Southern California! As a rescuer of a “Gypsy” pup myself, I can guarantee dogs with this moniker are awesome!! Please share this water loving dog and check out her page to see her in action!!! ❤️Repost @gypsygsdcattlegirl with @get_repost
Gorgeous #GSD Gypsy is highly intelligent and energetic and needs an exceptional human(s) who will be committed to learning her training routines and keeping her in good physical condition. Gypsy loves adventures in nature and swimming. She would do best in a rural setting, where there are fewer distractions to over-stimulate her. Gypsy would also do best with a spacious yard and with another confident, playful pup. She would not fair well in an apartment or condo without a yard. Ultimately, Gypsy needs confident, active humans and a more serene environment conducive to her well being.

Goodnight 🤓

Printing out some pictures and thought this one of the goddess @hwahwalala and I at @thekatvond and @prayers wedding deserved a post😊 What an amazing day filled with amazing people!! @baotranchi @motheroflondon_official

Have you ever cleaned your closet so well you traveled back in time 24 years to find a Ren & Stimpy ‘Powdered Toast Man’ hat you bought in high school? Asking for a friend, I can’t possibly be that old😂😐😲😖 @pameladdavies_ dude #24fuckingfuckingfuckingyears

Goodnight ⭐️🌙

I put two hands on her to keep her extra warm and apparently that’s forbidden. Please enjoy the vocal stylings of a Beezle temper tantrum. Please ignore my gross fingers, I’ve been cleaning ash and dust all day from the fire🤮 Time to snuggle for a bit then a much needed bath😂 #beezleisevil #blackcatappreciationday

I stole your chair Beezle😈

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Max doesn't get much rest in a noisy shelter... Outside he loves to lay in the grass, nap, and dream of a home of his own 🏡 Max is dog-friendly and passed his cat test. 🐶😺 Please help us to network - prayers are nice but shares are reaching adopters every day! #daretoshare
Max can be nervous around strangers, so he needs slow introductions to new people. His ideal adopter has some dog experience and will give him the structure and time needed to help him adjust to life in a new home. Max is dog-friendly and is approved to live with a cat with a slow introduction. Max thrives with training - he’s super smart, very athletic and knows a bunch of commands - just a smart, young dog with endless potential.
Wantagh, NY:
◽️ Maximus is a 2-3 year old lab/pit mix, appx 60 lbs
◽️ Playful with other dogs
◽️ Passed his cat test! Max may be able to live with a cat with slow intro
◽️ Max knows lots of commands, he is very smart
◽️ Approved for adult home ages 17+
◽️ A meet and greet at the shelter is REQUIRED with all household members and dogs

Serious adoption inquiries please message the page or call
Town of Hempstead Shelter
3320 Beltagh Ave, Wantagh, NY
Hempstead Town Animal Shelter
516-785-5220 x4632

Follow Max on Facebook @adoptabledog

You know in movies, the chair spins around to reveal the villain? That’s all I could think about when I saw this😂😈🐱 #beezleissevil

Few things are cuter than that little smile on Matilda’s face.


Just a couple more weeks until I get my partner in crime back!

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