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Kayleigh (≧σ≦)  ❤️It's a new chapter in my life❤️/ Matthew 5:14 "oh👌🏼"

All I know pho ;) sure is that is a great friend
#sunset #vietnamesefood #pho #summer2k17

In French they don't say "I miss you." It's "Tu me manques"
Which means "You are missing from me"
Right now that's how i feel about l.a!
#losangeles #disneyland #santamonica

❤️l.a gave me some great memories ❤️
😊 see ya next year 😊

I miss @ccbacademy @complexions_ballet so much! I loved every day of it. It taught me so much and I can't wait use all the training in my dance life!
#wearecomplexions #complexions #smu #southernmethodistuniversity #photography " - When your heart is open that's when it's special because that's when the audience can receive you for yourself"

"when your heart Is open that's when it's special because that's when the audience can receive you for yourself" complextions this week was so inspirational and I couldn't be more thank full to be taught by some of the people I look up too! "What you do and what someone els does can always be united. We are all in one umbrella connecting and sharing inspiration"
@desmondrich7 @ccbacademy @complexions_ballet @smumeadowsdance @smudallas #wearecomplexions #muveveryday #muvfitness #southernmethodistuniversity #complexions ❤️Thank you so much for this past week❤️

🤷🏻‍♀️week one of summer and I've already danced about 30+ hours.🤷🏻‍♀️
#muvfitness #muveveryday ❤️ @mckenzie_anderson @alexandernxg @ashleighwf @muv678 @badensilva @hannah_taub ❤️

💋it's summer,so why not bring sexy back💋
@muv678 @evdanielle #muvfitness #müveveryday

❤️Saying some final goodbyes as I venture into a new chapter in life ❤️

❤️Some memories are worth keeping forever ❤️

💚Müving mountains.
Muv is climbing up the mountains.
We climb
one after the other always changing.
We as a team and friends help one another.
So we as a whole can reach the top.
But we simply do not just push one another to reach our goals.
We are climbing up while holding each others hands.
Going through the change together and the rough.
Going through all this is very tough and exhausting.
But when we reach to what ever the top may be.
We will look down and think back to all those moments that were the most beautiful.
And I have with out a doubt these moments with all you guys are the most memorable and beautiful.
So let this be the time to thank one another for all the support while climbing through the rough mountains.
And hope for many more beautiful years!
@muv678 💚
•Welcome back social media! This is where my new chapter in life begins❤️

The most perfect picture for #tiltdaytuesday

👠I know your gonna like it👠
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