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Hahaha where she at tho!?

Wishing my beautiful little sister a happy 20th birthday!! Bro bro loves you!!

Missing my little guy already!! #oryan #logek3 #littlemora

It's been like 6 years since I wake borded!! Had a blast and a sick ol work out!!

The beach was beautiful!! I thought This was a dope pic.. @remembermybrother #longlivemich

I am very thankful to my lil brothers family for allowing me to keep a little part of him with me for ever!! I love you guys!! With that being said!! I will be taking him to go watch the RAIDERS whip the cowbitches ass on December 17 in Oakland!! It sucks that we can't go and start shit together but best believe I will talk enough shit for the both of us!! #raidernation #remembermybrother #longlivemich

I like doing different things to my hair!! #longhairdontcare #shitbangs

I can't believe that this kid is already 3!! Thanks to everyone that made it to Oryan's birthday party!! It was windy as heck but kids don't even know what wind is hahaha!!

#happysiblingday my little sister from my pops and my little brother from my mom!! I never seen u guys as half I have just seen u as blood!! I love u guys!! @_zoee101 @renzauu

If this ain't the truth idk what is!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

New complete! #pizzakrux

Just yesterday I was telling myself that everyday something reminds me of you!! We were each other's shadows. When I am about to cut some ones hair I see you sitting in the barber chair first! Just like the day u helped me buy it from your Grandma! You actually convinced her to give me my first pair of designer wahls back in like 2007. Every time a 2pac song comes on I feel like you are right next to me singing along! It seems like everyday when I head to the gym I tear up cause that was our big thing we would do together when we was young and dumb! When people ask me "how does it affect me that you are gone".? I say "what if you couldn't call your little brother and ask him how his day was anymore"!!? Or just randomly show up to his house just to fuck around with him!!? I love you bro!! Even though it hurts, I am glad that I get reminded of you everyday!! And I am proud to call u my brother!! Happy fall out the pussy day Nigguh!! YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!

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