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Safia Minney  What does #ModernSlavery look like in fashion? What can we do to eradicate it? Our 'Slave To Fashion' project, led by Safia_Minney, will show you how.

Happy Sunday to you all... reflecting on quite a week for @slavetofash - thank you to all of you for your comments of support on the last few posts... please swipe right to take a look at our week and a selection of lovely people who were there for us on Monday for our book launch... more over on twitter, (link in profile) and we will share more over the next few weeks... .
We wish to thank @livia_firth for sharing yesterday on her Instagram feed - if you would like to order the book too, @newinternationalist have a special offer here:
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As Fashion Revolution Week draws to a close, ethical shoe brand @po_zu are offering you an opportunity to receive a FREE copy of our Slave to Fashion book. (click the link in their profile) The first 20 orders at starting from NOW will receive a free copy autographed by @Safia_Minney. All you have to do to qualify is enter SLAVETOFASHION in the notes box above the checkout button.

We thank Po-Zu for their support at the official launch of Slave to Fashion this Monday at the @DukeOrganic gastro pub The Duke of Cambridge, Angel, London. #EthicalTopToToe "What gives this book unique power is that Safia has lived every page of it in her lifelong fight to shine a light into the darkest corners of fashion's best-kept secrets. What emerges is a painful portrait of unnecessary suffering but also a much-needed road map for anyone intent on making a better world." .
Andrew Morgan, Filmmaker and Director of @truecostmovie.

#whomadeyourshoes @ethicalfashionforum #EthicalTopToToe#FashionRevolutionWeek #fashrev#slavetofashion #Sustainablefashion#comfort #ethicalfashion #30wears@fash_rev #whomademyclothes

Highlights from our #SlaveToFashion 📚 book launch - and thanks again to @riverford's Guy Watson and @Po_Zu Shoes' Sven Segal pictured, for your support and generosity - Day Four of @fash_rev week, come and meet Sven and @safia_minney at the studios tomorrow at their Open Day (see their profile for details)
#EthicalFashion #EthicalTopToToe @po_zu @fash_rev #SlaveToFashion #FashionRevolution #fashrev#whomademyclothes #whomademyshoes

Our wonderful supporters with @safia_minney #repost " Happy with these two lovely #ethicalfashion campaigners talking over me #safispetite - thank you for your messages & support of @slavetofash "⠀

Thank you on the left to Lola, Baroness Young⠀
Independent Member of the House of Lords and committed to the Arts, Culture and Social Justice⠀

And @liviafirth - Founder and Creative director of @ecoage
Founding member of @TheCircleNGO⠀

#EthicalFashion #EthicalTopToToe @po_zu @fash_rev #SlaveToFashion #FashionRevolution #fashrev

Repost @sasstainablestyle Enter to win a signed copy of @slavetofash - keep reading for details ♥️#giveaway •⠀

"I've been committed to advocating and sharing #sustainablefashion for over five years - after I met ethical & #fairtrade fashion pioneer @safia_minney when I moved to London. Like a lot of consumers, I didn't know what I didn't know. But once you know you can't NOT know. You know? After the tragedy in Rana Plaza four years ago, our community committed to calling for change and creating the changes we need in the global garment industry. Because no one should ever die in a factory so we can have fast fashion. Ever. Never again. Many of the women who died in the rubble at Rana were like you and me - young mothers with their whole lives ahead of them. It remains the worst industrial accident in recorded history. We need to honour and remember them, and millions of garment workers around the world today, who don't have the full expression of their human rights. Yet. •⠀

So, when the crowdfunding campaign launched for #slavetofashion I knew I had to be involved and I wanted to share it with all of you! I just received two signed copies in the mail yesterday - and I know this book will change your life. "Although it is illegal, there are more people trapped in slavery today than ever before. Millions of vulnerable men, women and children are enslaved through human trafficking and forced labour." •⠀

You have to read this book! For a chance to win your own signed copy of @slavetofash, please follow @sasstainablestyle & @slavetofash, like this photo AND tag a friend in the comments below to inspire more of our family and friends to join the #fashionrevolution movement. Let's ask more brands and companies - #whomademyclothes? Contest open to Canadian 🇨🇦 residents only. ⠀
Not associated with Instagram. ⠀
Giveaway closes Friday April 28 at 9am EST. ⠀
Winner will be announced Friday April 28 6pm EST. Thanks for joining the revolution and good luck!
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4th anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza Building collapse - WE NEED TO DO MORE support garment workers! @slavetofash #slavetofashion #book launch last night 24.4.2017 to push for more action to stop #slavery & #exploitation in #fashionsupplychains thanks to your support & key influencers @livia_firth @theseagull @franklincaryn @dukeorganic @po_zu
@newinternationalist @ethicalfashionforum @fact_studio @truecostmovie @waronwant @cleanclothescampaignus @wfto_fairtrade @fairtradeuk & many others LIVIA & I wear @freesetglobal bags to make the DAY that started a #fashion revolution after years of global campaigns

Little video to get things started... #BookLaunch @geetiesingh and @safia_minney Follow the hashtags for the @slavetofash book launch tonight #SlaveToFashion & #EthicalTopToToe #FashRev - thanks to @newinternationalist @dukeorganic @po_zu

Love the Fair Share program at @continental_earthpositive - I think we will have to make the Ts here ! 😍

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Field team of @slavetofash @mikialcalde & petite moi finish photography & filming for now - Miki, thanks for your #good energy #fun #creativity being the best person to be on assignment with. 9 years of #fair trade campaigning with @emmawatson @theseagull @zandra_rhodes_ @truecostmovie @carynfranklin @bipling @rikasueyoshi @bora_aksu @wfto_fairtrade @wftoasia and many many more

Informal & unregulated garment textile units - 4th & 5th tier is where we need to focus on NOW - huge #exploitation.

#fashionindustry #humanrights #employment #fastfashion

Preventing #child labour is about #education - great visit to SAVE schools this morning.

#childlabour #socialimpact #India #humanright #humanrights #factories #fashionrevolution

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