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Sladyana Milanova  hey human beings, let’s be kind and brave and and love more than less and watch each other grow 🦋 take a look at my hashtag #sladyshares

shopping some plant babies 🌿 with my dearest @_cassidyblack ♡ got two aloe vera plants. . let’s grow some new skincare products 💁🏼‍♀️
#plants #urbanjungle #plantlover #plantpower #aloeveraplant #naturelovers #naturalskincare #allveggie #allnatural

Etwas, das mich bislang nicht großartig beschäftigte. Bislang nicht großartig berührte. Bis ich an mir runter sah, die Hände voller Blut, die Haare rot verfärbt. Von Blut. Von meinem Blut. Schock.
Ich habe mein Blut schon oft fließen sehen. Ihr kennt die Narben an meinen Beinen. Ich habe sie euch gezeigt. Narben, doch gleichzeitig Erinnerungen. Größtenteils schmerzhafte.
Bislang machte es mir nichts aus, mein eigenes Blut zu sehen. Es war ja auch meine Entscheidung. Ich hatte es unter Kontrolle - dachte ich damals. Damals? Die letzte Narbe entstand noch im letzten Jahr.
Diese Narben interessierten mich nie. Sie waren ja auch nur auf meinem Oberschenkel zu sehen. Und wer sieht den schon? Nun werde ich eine im Gesicht tragen. Und das berührt mich. Zum ersten Mal interessiert mich eine Narbe. Zum ersten Mal stört sie mich. Ich will sie nicht, ich wollte das nicht. Doch das Leben fragt manchmal nicht. Es passiert einfach. . . Nun werde ich eine weitere Narbe tragen. Ich weiß nicht, wie groß sie sein wird. Ich weiß nicht, ob sie großartig sichtbar sein wird. Ich weiß nur, dass es die erste war, die ich nicht wollte. Dass es die erste war, die mich zum nachdenken brachte. Die erste, die mich keine weitere wollen lässt.
#sladyshares #narbenkind

I really think poorly of New Years’ resolutions, but one thing is for sure: 2018’a gonna be a traveling year. Enough of spending all money on makeup, clothes, books (I have about 50-60 books to read, so, that should be enough for one year😅) enough of wishing I could go somewhere and just don’t. Why shouldn’t I? This year’s plan:
January - Belgrade 🇷🇸✔️
February - Cologne 🇩🇪✔️
March - Bratislava 🇸🇰
April - Amsterdam 🇳🇱
May - Florence 🇮🇹
June - Lisbon 🇵🇹
July - Barcelona🇪🇸
August - London 🇬🇧
September - Athens 🇬🇷
October - Bangkok 🇹🇭
November - Phuket, Ko Samui, Koh Phayam 🇹🇭
December - Moscow 🇷🇺
If any of you guys are near those places or have any good recommendations - let me know☺️👭✨
@milan_van_helsing can’t wait to leave my footprints all over the world with you🖤👣🌎

Fell in love with this city and it’s beautiful buildings... especially with the Church of Saint Sava🙏🏽 so happy that my first out of 4(!) more trips in 2018 started with this one. I’d highly recommend putting BELGRADE on your bucket list if you need some traveling inspiration/tips.. also there are sooo many vegan places I fell in love with🌱 🙇🏼‍♀️💗 my fave was @mandalarestoran - I had some yummy cashew cheese with “salmon” which actually was carrots 🥕👀 but tasted and looked like salmon. . . strolling through the streets with my bestie, spending NYE under the most beautiful fireworks 💥 I’ve ever seen. . I think this couldn’t have started better, the only person missing was my love but since I’m orthodox I’m lucky to have NYE two times😄 so the orthodox one will be spent with boo❤️
#nye #belgrade #travel #letsgoeverywhere #girlswhotravel #bucketlist #saintsavatemple #vegansofig #veganspots #veganinbelgrade #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat

🙏🏽 what a magical place
#hramsvetogsave #beograd #saintsavatemple #belgrade

the happiest when I’m with you

#ahs #freakshow 🤡🎪🎭

🌙 i love you

I was strolling around the streets when I captured this. I stood there and saw so much more than you can see at first. When you look deeper, you can see or understand it, too. I stood there for about 5 minutes and thought about how that picture sums it all up; that life’s a long, long path, sometimes it may seem dark, but there are always lights leading you through the darkness🕯 These lights can be your friends, your family, God, even yourself. Your belief in yourself. You’re just now allowed to dim those lights, to turn them off.. which happens when we push our loved ones away, when we start doubting ourselves. Pushing people away - especially those that matter to me - was always a thing I was good at. Without any reason I would treat them wrong, thinking I could fight everything on my own. But that’s not true. Sometimes we NEED other people to help us just as they need us to be their guiding lights... sometimes we need them just the remind us how strong we are, how far we’ve made it and that someone will always be there to hold our backs when we need them to♥️
In 2017 im thankful for those people, my very own “lights”. In 2017 I learned to appreciate them, I learned that I don’t have to do this all alone, that I’m allowed to fail and ACCEPT help... just some thoughts I thought I should share with you in the hope I could help someone, anyone, just to remind your to be some people’s lights in order to have them be yours💫
#sladyshares #gratitudedaily

Fell in love with this city 🇪🇪

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