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SKYY Vodka SA  Welcome to SKYYWAY. A journey that will inspire, educate and reward you in all areas of life and help you realize your own dream.

Nothing beats the pure taste of #SKYYVodka. What’s your favourite mix?

Bursting with flavours that are #TrueToFruit, try your hand at a raspberry daiquiri this weekend with #SKYYVodka Infusions Raspberry. All you need is:

10 raspberries
60ml SKYY Vodka Infusions Raspberry
½ teaspoon raw sugar
Juice of 1 lime

In a mixing glass, muddle the raspberries with the lime juice and sugar. Add #SKYY Infusions Raspberry and plenty of ice. Shake well. Pour the mixture through a sieve into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime twist and Enjoy!

Awaken to limitless SKYYLINES with #SKYYVodka’s limited edition bottles. From its reflection in the bustling harbour to the silent cablecar on Table Mountain, you are always moments away from Cape Town’s glowing #SKYY. One SKYY, three cities. Collect them all! #LimitlessPossibilities.

It’s that time of the week - Friday night, let’s turn it up! Make your mix with #SKYYVodka and tell us the way you and your crew mix it up with SKYY.

Do you know a friend that’s wanting to live life the #SKYYWAY? You can refer anyone you know and share that #SKYY lifestyle with them. Simply copy and paste the link in your profile section and let them into the audacious world of #SKYYVodka.

Always keep your imaginative spirit alive. Limited edition coming soon. Any ideas what to expect?
#LimitlessPossibilities #SKYYVodka

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” - Plato

Let the music take you where you want to go.

#SKYYVodka #LiveAudaciously

No words needed between friends.
#SKYYVodka #MakeEveryDay #EmojiDay

Our #SKYY Infusions Cherry is light and flavourful, just what you need for a night in the #SKYY.
1 part SKYY Infusions Cherry
3 parts cherry juice
1 sprig of mint

Add ice into a tall glass, add SKYY Infusions Cherry and cherry juice, finish off with a sprig of mint.

#SKYYVodka #TrueToFruit

Style is a sense of individuality. Push the limits of fashion and create your own bold style that stands out from the rest! Be unique and live life the #SKYYWAY.

#SKYYVodka #LiveAudaciously

Thanks to everyone who voted for their best dressed winner at the @2017DurbanJuly. For her vote, Sindi Sikita Chonco has won a R1000 online shopping voucher. The competition was close between all three ladies but for her glamorous style, B - @CarlyBailey_sa will be enjoying a #SKYYVodka prize.

Do you know a friend that dreams of a place where like-minded, motivated individuals  come together? Refer them to #SKYYWAY and let us show them what living audaciously looks like. Simply share the referral link and bring their goals into reach.

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