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S K Y ( E )  II XVIII XIX 21 | PHX - OC #supportlocal @tobythechiweeniepug 💌 💌

Views from the hike to the Hollywood sign | taken on my canon 70D | 4-13-19

7 miles and 3 hours later, i can’t feel my legs and I look like a f**king flamingo

Happy #nationalpetday to my main squeeze

Old Towne Orange | taken on my canon 70D | 4-1-19

If ya didn’t know, ya girl’s got her hair back!!! Blessed to have a job that finally lets me be me (and it comes with free Disneyland perks...say what?!)

Just a lil throwback of me living a truly great life whilst exploring old towne orange (plus I just really miss my pink hair)

I just want to take a moment to say how extremely grateful I am for everything happening in my life. It’s been hard to stay in this mindset the last couple of months, but everything really does fall into place at the right time. I might have had a bit of a struggle, but I’ve come to realize that a sober lifestyle doesn’t just happen over night and it really does take some work. I’m still upset with myself for relapsing and having to “start over”, but I’ve come to realize that I’m building better foundation this time around which I didn’t do this last time. It’s funny how people actually care and are there for you when you start putting yourself out there and don’t isolate. I still have a bit of a ways to get the amount of time I’ve had before, but I honestly couldn’t have it any other way and I’m humbled to have what happened to me to really put my mindset in a different direction. Thank you to my friends and family and that have always supported me, and my new sober support that have changed my outlook on recovery.

Views 👀 😻

So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999

Dad sent this to remind me how great and amazing life is and how lucky I have to have this wonderful doggo in my life. This last month has been really difficult for me as I had quite a few bumps in my sober journey. I let resentments build up without discussing them, thought I could put my time and energy into other things besides my recovery, and eventually I convinced myself that i could drink normally. I’ve since realized this is something that needs to be talked about and i need to start getting uncomfortable again to be able to move forward with my journey. I have only 2 days and I’m clearly not feeling as great when i had at 90, but i never have to feel this way again and I appreciate all the (tough) love and support I’ve gotten from close family and friends. Here’s to today and only today as recovery works one day at a time.

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman | Copic markers | 01-18-19

Happy and grateful

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