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Lexi Kozak  ⭕️ ⭕️ R32 GTST ⭕️ ⭕️ Kelowna, BC || 💕Joshua BCABBA Natural Bikini Athlete Numa Models Recaro 🐾

feels • 📸: @artishonesty

yes I am a dreamer too • 📸: @czcinematography

before I got wedding cupcake icing all over my dress #weddingdateforever ❤️

views • 📸: @czcinematography

2013 -> 2018 ❣️ I am so proud to be by his side while he accomplishes so many great things #transformationtuesday

This is me. I don’t have a success story about overcoming an eating disorder or from being overweight. I don’t track macros everyday or follow fad diets like keto. I don’t drink “ skinny tea “ or wear a waist trainer. I still drink alcohol, eat bread and ice cream. I still train hard 6 days at the gym and eat to fuel my body. I don’t have a bad relationship with food or punish myself after eating 1/2 a pie ( trust me it’s easier than it sounds ). I don’t have hidden “ secrets “ to getting abs or take illegal supplements as a shortcut. It is nothing but pure hard work and knowing your own body and LOVING yourself and knowing you are only human. Being in shape and eating healthy ( most of the time ) are things I ENJOY doing. I might not have the perfect big round ass or exceptional quads or fit everyone’s idea of “ perfect “ but I work towards my own goals for my own self, not for anyone else’s opinion of me. This is me. 👊🏼 #selflove

never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket 🗝 • 📸: @the.illvision

take the long way home • #humpday

is it ok to drink mimosas during meal prep ? asking for a friend • @calvinklein

weekend warriors 🐶 @recarotheminihusky

that awkward moment when you’re wearing nikes and you can’t do it • 🤷🏼‍♀️

do no harm, but take no shit • 📸: @the.illvision

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