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Jess  🔮 cosplayer 🖤 scorpio 🦊 probably a fox

I’m starting on a new costume today!! Can anyone guess who it might be? 🖤
Progress pics will be on my Patreon exclusive Instagram! Make sure to sign up if u wanna watch me struggle.
photo: @cosplandy
hair: #arcticfoxhaircolor sunset orange

Do you guys prefer my makeup posts or cosplay posts? 🧐 I think I’ll always do both anyways but I’m kinda curious!
#nyxcosmetics glitter goals liquid eyeshadow in “retrograde” and “imaginarium”
#morphebrushes 035B
#urbandecay all nighter foundation
#limecrime venus 1
#covergirl vitalist healthy powder
#toofaced born this way concealer + love flush blush in “love hangover”
#tartecosmetics tartiest creamy matte lip paint in “birthday suit”
#farahbrushes use code “skyjuu”!
#arcticfoxhaircolor sunset orange

Mera!! 🌊🧜‍♂️ This cosplay was so highly requested from u guys!! I actually really like myself as Mera and I was so excited to finally cosplay an actress with the same lip shape as me 😩 It seriously made this makeup so easy LOL.
#meracosplay #aquamancosplay #mera #aquamanmovie #aquaman #cosplay #amberheard #cosplaygirl

Posting this cute casual set on Patreon soon! Along with Yennefer, my casual/modeling shoot, and a full shoot! Lots of content this month 💕 uwu
Link in bio!
Wig: @ardawigs venus
#casualcosplay #cosplaygirl #dvacosplay #overwatchcosplay #overwatch #casualdva #cosplay

The last time I wore this cosplay was exactly a year ago!! I never got the chance to do a proper shoot in it so we’re about to go do that right now, which is insane considering how long I’ve had this cosplay lmao...
wig: @ardawigs
costume: @bhiner.cosplay.taobaoagent
gun: @lepapilloncos
#dvacosplay #overwatchcosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplay #cosplaygirl #dvaoverwatch #hanasong

omg it’s hatsune skyjuu
#urbandecay all nighter foundation
#lauramercier translucent setting powder
#covergirl brow pomade + vitalist healthy powder
#toofaced born this way concealer + love flush blush “love hangover”
#hudabeauty desert dusk palette
#nyxcosmetics “berlin” soft matte lip cream
#limecrime opals hi-lite palette
#farahbrushes use code “skyjuu”

We just bought BOTW for our switch! I haven’t played a new Zelda game since 2006 and I’m... scared... What’s your favorite Zelda game?
Bodysuit: @dollskill
Photo: @cosplandy
#dollskill #beadoll #arcticfoxhaircolor

Happy New Year! 🎊
I just did my first ever causal/modeling shoot thingy with Andy! He really blew me away with these photos 😭🔥 One of my goals this year is to do way more shoots for Patreon! I’ll be uploading all of these photos there if anyone’s interested~

I wish you all an amazing 2019! ♥️ #arcticfoxhaircolor #50mm

I’M SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW LENS 😭 of course we had to test it out on my best girl first! Now I finally have some Yen photos 🖤
Also who knew Andy was naturally such a good photographer?? It was his first time working with a 50mm lens and these photos turned out beautiful!
Costume: @miccostumes
Photo: @cosplandy
#witchercosplay #witcher3 #yennefercosplay #yennefer #yenneferofvengerberg #cosplaygirl #cosplay #miccostumes

How beautiful are these shadows in the @deckofscarlet Edition No.- 11 palette?? 😭 I was absolutely blown away by the quality of these products! Everything was super pigmented and easy to work with.
Btw, the Moonstone shade is the perfect ginger eyebrow color 🧡
Eyeshadow is “Onyx”, “Moonstone”, “Limoncello”, with “Tan Lines” on the inner corner
Eyes are lined with the gold glitter liner
Eyebrows are filled in with “Moonstone”
Lips are topped with “Metal Rose” 🌹
Make sure to use code "NEON" for 30% off!
#ad #deckofscarlet

Merry Christmas, everyone!!🎄🎁 A lot of you were asking me to cosplay Miss Fortune so I figured her Christmas skin would be easy and festive, but as it turns out it literally just looks like me in a Santa dress LMFAO 😭

This 10 image photo set is now available for ALL Patrons $1+ as a thank you for supporting me this year. 😭
Link in bio! ♥️☃️ #cosplay #missfortunecosplay #iguess #leagueoflegendscosplay #leagueoflegends #christmascosplay #cosplaygirl

I'm so in love with @nyxcosmetics' Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow! It made this glitter cut crease 10x easier because I didn't have to deal with wiping away any fall out! I seriously recommend using this glitter for your looks this holiday season. You can find them in NYX Professional Makeup Stores & on ✨ For this look I'm wearing the shades "Retrograde" and "Imaginarium" 🖤 #nyxcosmetics #ad

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