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[swipe for old edit]
I had to repost because I forgot to choose the cover photo or thumbnail or whatever you wanna call it🙄

cc @voidgold (edited)

Precious baby boy in his first year💘💓💞

cc @voidgold

Owns my ass
cc @voidgold

please do not get your panties in a twist, I love Clarke with all my heart I just happen to love Octavia more.

Collab w my girlie @dxnverss 💘
cc mami_edits (edited)
ac ahkari (soundcloud)
I love how in collabs you can see the different editing styles, you think your style is the same as everyone else's - or that you don't even have a style - but collabs really show that you don't have the same one as everyone else.

I want to be more interactive with you guys, I feel like I’m just a robot that posts edits and that’s it like I never do anything special. If you have any ideas to what I can do or whatever please say sooo I don’t wanna be that account that never talks or does anything for their followers :((

I love them💘💞💗💖💕💓
cc @voidgold
#omgpage #romioneedit #harrypotteredit

Baby boy💘💐💖💝💒💞💓
cc @hybridnik

#omgpage #mikewheeler

A mf woman

cc @hybridnik | ib @xderive
dt my girlie @dxnverss

cc @hybridnik | MY AUDIO!
#omgpage #milevenedit

Deserves the entire world🌸💝💘💐💖
ib @celestial.jk | cc @hybridnik
#omgpage #pewdiepie

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