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It's Thursday 👢

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas 💕🎅🏼

Dear Santa,
I would like one million dollars please
Thanks 🎅🏼


I got a broad in Norman 😜


8 years ago God blessed the Sivess household with a spunky sassy little munchkin, and even made her a little mini me. I don't think my love for this little girl can even be described in words. Love ya kali hope your birthday was everything you hoped for and more❤️👯

All she eat is mcchickens, she's on a strict diet ;-)

Happy birthday to my forever sister❣ thank you for tolerating me 😉

But first let's be basic and take a selfie with every filter😂

Takin our turn on a sin wagon 🤘🏻

Wouldn't have wanted to spend my birthday anywhere else especially with this goob beside me, thank you for making it more exciting than turning 19 really is😜❤️ you rock🤘🏻😛 oh and if I were you I'd wanna be me too😉