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skye olsen  a pretty punny gal

accidentally saved the best for last. thanks for the memories portland

“hey alexa, play ‘mine’ by @bazzi

anyone else ever look at their dog & just think “UHMMMM HELLO YES U COMPLETE ME ID DIE WITHOUT U WHO KNEW I COULD LOVE SOMETHING SO MUCH THANKS FOR EVERYTHING U DO FOR ME” ?? because yeah, same.

tiger’s blood & piña colada make the best sno-cone combo don’t @ me #syesconeismorelikeitamirite

this was just on my story but then i realized he deserves so much more than that

drive me crazy, i like it like that


my little der-vinston-shneetzle... he lived a long and happy life keeping my feet warm all of these years. known for making alien noises when he would see me & for being able to clear any room with his smelly gas, he was my best friend for so long. love you forever my winnie win.

sandy cheeks, fo real 🐿

happy birthday to my home girl, soul sister and best friend for life! your friendship is so special to me and im incredibly thankful to have grown up with you by my side. hurry up and move close to me again, i can’t wait to see what this life brings us!! ps thanks for poppin this one out @punkarie!! 🍻

not pictured: @addi_sun working her magic on the other side of the camera, hyping me up like no one else can 💕

golden state of mind, always. 📸: @teneightcreative

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