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Skye Mercedes  Ben Smith ❤️ 28.03.14

Very belated holiday pics, but we had the best time 🍹 🌴 p.s. fully aware that the orange headband features in all of these, promise i did wear other things lol

Turkey is exceeding all expectations 🍹🌴☀️

Zara sales did me well for last night

Eaten too many strawberries to count these past few days 🍓🍓

Happy 4 years you little shrimp 🦐
I continue to count my blessings each day. ❤

A very successful weekend. NAMS 2018 did not disappoint.

Excited to have this gremlin back up so we can show him a proper night out 🍺🎉

A classy Saturday night with this parsnip ❤

Couldn't have asked for a better 21st 🎉

Busy week this week! Not only finishing phase 1 and having the last ever group work with this bunch, but finishing up by passing my driving test! 🎉🚗

🎃🎃 (before he tried to be sick into my backpack... )

3 and a half years with this idiot *insert cheesy pic* 🛶

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