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Repost from @penelopejmorrow using @RepostRegramApp - The @skydiggers were gently rocking our #Barrie waterfront tonight and it was very good!
#sundaynightfun #livemusic #ontario150

@ussmusic and @theteapartyband in Barrie ... looking forward to playing!

Repost from @niagaramarmiton using @RepostRegramApp - The Skydiggers, with bonus rarely-seen view of the top of @deanyoudale's head!

Thanks for a great night @thedanforthbia! Fun on the Danny.

Monday Morning News... One Plus One Equals... Our friend Oh Susanna has just released a terrific new album called "A Girl in Teen City". Based on her memories of her days growing up in the punk scene in Vancouver, it's a tender and funny love letter in song to the person she was as a teenager. And it being the '80s, there is some wickedly awesome hair on display... A Girl in Teen City

Then son Owen showed me this video on YouTube recently...

It's a spectacular tribute to the players in the 2016 Minnesota State High School hockey championship tournament... the annual selection of the "All Hockey Hair Team"... And I started to think about our lifelong obsession with "looking good", and what that means for the pile of hair that sits (or used to sit... :) upon our heads. My hair has at times been referred to as "hurricane proof" (see photo below) or named "Stavros" (nicknamed "Stav" by Peter Cash) after the photos of hairstyle models you might see in the window of your local olde tyme barber shop.

So let's try this, shall we? Over the next two weeks let's trade photos of our most questionable hairstyle choices - you show us yours and we'll show you ours... and at the end of two weeks our esteemed panel of judges will select a few winners to receive your very own autographed copy of our new album when it comes out in October.
Sound good?

Alright - let's get busy... Andy o/b/o Skydiggers June 5th, 2017

p.s. You can get Suzie's new album - @ohsusannamusic

Andy in Edmonton. Photo by Danny Michel. Regram from @dannymichelmusic

MMN... All Roads Lead to Guelph... As I drove into Guelph Sunday morning with my son Owen and his friend and teammate Jack I thought we were just coming into town to play a couple of baseball games at Hastings Stadium against the Guelph Outlaws. But as we exited the 401 and headed through Aberfoyle, past the snowmobile shop with the metal roof that looks like it's been collapsing for the past thirty years, past the old mill that was converted into a restaurant that hosts monthly mystery dinner theatre nights, further on past the intersection that used to be the home of the Pergola driving range and is now a shopping mall, past the beautiful university and the stillness of the Speed River, we started up the hill with the imposing edifice of the Catholic Church on our left and the Albion Hotel on our right, it started me thinking about our first home away from home, Guelph.

The Albion was the first place we ever played outside of Toronto, and really, outside of the Spadina Hotel. And from our first show at the Albion, we fell in love with Guelph.
We played one of the first Hillside Festivals, the one where we met our friends Lewis and Tannis at a workshop where The Grievous Angels' Charlie Angus kept needling Lynn Miles, trying to get a rise out of her (and succeeding) and Lewis kept everything (and everyone) together with his fabulous pedal steel playing; the one where Bob's Your Uncle headlined and the hay bales meant to muffle the sound of the generator powering the sound system for the main stage caught fire, necessitating a bucket brigade from the lake to the melting generator, everyone pitching in (the way they do in Guelph), doing what needed to be done, working beside Grievous Angels' singer Michelle Rumball as we passed buckets along the line... Guelph has always been a source of inspiration and collaboration for us, and its influence on the band continues to this day - band members @jessybellsmith (check out Jessy's beautiful 2014 release "The Town" and the always groovy @noelwebb are both proud Guelphites.

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