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Skybreaker Design  A group of artists based out of Colorado

The Reapening - New design based off of Overwatch's reaper skin.

King's Fall - Vector illustration made specifically for the Bungie Day Contest. Go vote on it if you have a minute!

Submitted some of my designs to the Bungie art contest! Go up vote them to get them on the official Bungie store! New designs soon.

Jack of All Trades - Next single cover for the band, Better Lies. Photography with Typography

Inside - amazing game from Playdead, a true work of art. Already beat it twice. Play it!

Building Castles Artwork - Taking a break from Redbubble to work on some graphic design! Album artwork for the band, Better Lies.

Iron Gjallarhorn - Year 3 hype. Get your favorite Destiny weapons illustrated for only 50 bucks each. Email

"Saladin's Gym" - Illustration that parodies the new expansion for Destiny. For a limited time, shirts available for only $14! Visit link in bio.

"Dad's Dungeon" - Vector Illustration based off of the episode from Adventure Time.

"Iron Banana" - Shirt design based off of what people actually call the Iron Banner. Check it out on Redbubble.

"Out in the Wild" - Vector illustration of Cayde-6 from Destiny, stylized on a playing card.

Year Two Arsenal - Commission for user platotudes on r/destinythegame. He wanted his specific loadout for Year Two as well. Commissions are available to anyone interested!

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