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“Avoid downtown during Día de Los Muertos,” they had said, “you’ll only find trouble...”

Usually I preach about avoiding the tourist track. Mt Bromo was right smack in the middle of it and damn was I wrong. Still one of the most rewarding sunrises yet.
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Seeing this kid work the Laotian rice fields with his mother makes me rethink all the times I complained when it was my turn to do the dishes.


Ask people around the world what sound a dog makes, and you'll be surprised by the variety of interpretations and pronunciations. Ask them about the sound of a cow and don't expect to be surprised.

La iglesia

The only disappointment in Colombia ironically was one of Colombia's claims to fame: the #coffee. The locals and I sat there drinking the low-grade leftovers—the only option available in most panaderías—while Colombia's finest was being bought out by foreign monopolies and shipped to the US for big $$$. If you had the right connections or paid a bit more, you could get the good stuff; just don't expect it to be ubiquitously sold. But also keep in mind that what Colombia surprisingly lacked in the flavor of their coffee was more than made up for by the flavor of their people.

Colombian houses in Antioquia often have open-air windows and vents in their exterior walls. With consistent 70° temps and never-ending beautiful weather, why not? Well I quickly realized a possible downside when I was awoken my first morning in San Carlos to a scathing screeching sound repeatedly echoing throughout my cement-walled room. Turns out our super-friendly next-door neighbor was a full-time machete sharpener. He was also—we quickly learned—a morning person. 🇨🇴

"Wait I wasn't ready" — 🐶

el cielo

The Hat Man 🎩

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