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lilac  You are more beautiful than the blue sky.. My one and only one


My one and only, my little sunshine...


Terima kasih kepada teman teman yang sudah berpartisipasi dalam project charity yang diselenggarakan oleh D.o.kyungsooina & tim. Dan kami sebagai panitia mohon maaf sebesar - besarnya atas segala kekurangan yang terjadi selama event ini. Total charity yang disumbangkan adalah sebesar Rp.7.451.000,00. Terima kasih kepada kak @d.o.kyungsooina Dan @anindyapppp yang telah meluangkan waktunya buat project ini.

Kyungsoo Birthday Party Kit via @bukalapak

Untuk fans you know who yg blang ksoo friendship dgn sjk n insung squad cma bwat cri koneksi n headlines. Tolong itu kata" d jaga. Iri boleh bego jgan.

Chungmoro boy

Wow score x ksoo, gk nyangka dia bakal dpat point sebanyak ini. So proud of you my little moon Do Kyungsoo

@weareone.exo cuma mau ngingetin barangkali lupa adminnya klw sekarang jadwal x d.o. kyungsoo movie vip premier.

Pls vote for kyungsoo.

"Just because you are given two choices, it doesn’t mean that a third one is impossible to put in practice. You simply need to think closely about it and the correct answer will show up. If there’s black and white in the world, there can also exist other colour in between those two shades. Because if there’s a beginning, there surely be an ending at some point, and, likewise, if there was an ending to something, then it had begun at some point.

Just because you are given choices to make, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your own result, even if they weren’t options given to you in the beginning. You are free to do whatever you want.

Cr. Akashi Seijuro

So proud of you little moon....

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