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Samantha Johnston  ॐ A gal and her camera usually on the East Coast. Biochem PSU

CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE @a2swim still time to rock the perfect suit this summer

Barely survived but so grateful for everyone who made my 21st birthday the raddest ever even if it was the deadest Sunday seaside has ever seen #theybroughtacakeintheclub #bathtubsarebedstoo #wheretfislo

Just another sister pic, nothing to see here

Lil morning flow in the shack porch. Glamorous, heck nah. Peaceful, content, happy? Yep.
Chugging along this summer. It's wonderfully interesting how things never go as planned. Just stoked to be where I am doing as much of what I love. Inching towards goals

Swooning over these sunsets

I’m atomic, man. I’m the moon that pulls the tides that take the sand.

Whirlwind of a heart. The motion is constant, but she never quite settles. Many try to bring her back down to the ground, smooth her thoughts and sedate her energy. But no one can hold their grip for long. Only those who find solace in the chaos will remain in her messy little life. Only those with as much lust for life and laughter will understand why there's that gleam in her eye and warmth in her heart that resealed all the cracks that were once there.

(2/2) There's been so many times I just wanted to start all over again and questioned everything I was doing and the path I'm on. But I stuck with it, and that's what so important and so many people don't realize that it takes hard work to accomplish what you want, it's not easy and there will be tons of set backs. Our society today has this "get rich quick" complex where people expect to just get the job or start the business and handed the money. But it takes so much more than that. It's not just waltzing through life happy 24/7. It's difficult. Insanely difficult. And what's even harder is not giving up even when you put the work in and end up with barely anything to show for it.
I think what's more important than anything is just not giving in to that uncomfortable, miserable feeling of failing or not accomplishing what you hoped. Putting in the work is half the battle but sticking with it even when it gets tough is so important. I feel like it's something overlooked so much, no one really talks about the tough times in a world where social media is flooded with pictures of people only showing the happy times, where everything always seems perfect. The positivity is great but so is being realistic. It's a completely natural feeling to want to start over with something that will feel easier or more comfortable. Self doubt will kill dreams without mercy. Don't fall for it. Whether it's a degree, a new business start up, a project, anything. The universe rewards those who have the courage to keep pursuing what their heart desires.

(Going to start writing little excerpts/mini blogs because I have a lot of thoughts and I have received such positive feedback from ya guys in the past when I do this, so here ya go. If long posts aren't your thing just keep scrolling) (also apparently there's a limit on how long captions can be so here's 1/2)
There's something about travel, even when everything goes wrong, that is still somehow peaceful to me. I'm not sure if maybe I'm just used to the chaos of things never really going as planned for me or maybe I just secretly like the craziness. This past week I had two cancelled flights and so many delays I lost track. But as soon as the plane took off, I still feel that wave of excitement wash over me as if it was my first time flying again. It's hard for me to stay in one place, whether it's to sit down for homework or where I'm currently residing.
I haven't really been traveling as much because I know it's time to save and be smart about planning for the next year. I've got less than a year left before I finish my undergraduate biochem degree but have so much to accomplish in that span of time. I've got a lot of preparation to do in order to make my dreams a reality, taking my GRE's, lots of volunteer work, hopefully getting a CNA certification under my belt, then working working working. My mom always said I had my head in the clouds, I have so many ideas, hopes,and dreams and at first I was insanely overwhelmed in how to bring any of them to fruition.

There's nothing wrong with feeling deeply and intensely. So many people are afraid to love and show emotions but I think it's necessary for our survival at the end of the day. To find another person to share this with, and equally, is rare, but far from impossible. I believe, I KNOW it's out there, you just have to be willing to keep your heart open to it. And with a little bit of luck, two hearts collide with such immense strength they'll stick together. The universe will test the strength of this bond repeatedly. Call me a sucker for true love but I know it exists.

This is all just one big adventure. Take the risks, the universe will reward you for it.

Life is cool because you never really know what cards it's going to hand you. So many paths have opened up, so many opportunities have come my way. Things don't always go as planned and that's okay. You never know what's coming up next and you just have to trust that it'll bring you to the right places and people for the right reasons ♦️♦️

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