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Samantha Johnston  Full send

Obsessed with my little pumpkinhead Zara.
Such a little bottle brat but I love her dearly. Anyone have any pointers on raising a kitten that was separated from mom/litter extremely young and bites way too much?

She told me it'll always taste good when I choose it for myself. When there's fire in my words, it burns me and nobody else.

Doggo shakes ft. A wild Jesse in his natural habitat 🐸
#onemoreday #notnewmexico

Reeled him right in #wherearedawaves

Dog days

Iss Monday ya
Get up and go get it 🌙

Just another sister pic, nothing to see here

Lil morning flow in the shack porch. Glamorous, heck nah. Peaceful, content, happy? Yep.
Chugging along this summer. It's wonderfully interesting how things never go as planned. Just stoked to be where I am doing as much of what I love. Inching towards goals

Swooning over these sunsets

I’m atomic, man. I’m the moon that pulls the tides that take the sand.

Whirlwind of a heart. The motion is constant, but she never quite settles. Many try to bring her back down to the ground, smooth her thoughts and sedate her energy. But no one can hold their grip for long. Only those who find solace in the chaos will remain in her messy little life. Only those with as much lust for life and laughter will understand why there's that gleam in her eye and warmth in her heart that resealed all the cracks that were once there.

(2/2) There's been so many times I just wanted to start all over again and questioned everything I was doing and the path I'm on. But I stuck with it, and that's what so important and so many people don't realize that it takes hard work to accomplish what you want, it's not easy and there will be tons of set backs. Our society today has this "get rich quick" complex where people expect to just get the job or start the business and handed the money. But it takes so much more than that. It's not just waltzing through life happy 24/7. It's difficult. Insanely difficult. And what's even harder is not giving up even when you put the work in and end up with barely anything to show for it.
I think what's more important than anything is just not giving in to that uncomfortable, miserable feeling of failing or not accomplishing what you hoped. Putting in the work is half the battle but sticking with it even when it gets tough is so important. I feel like it's something overlooked so much, no one really talks about the tough times in a world where social media is flooded with pictures of people only showing the happy times, where everything always seems perfect. The positivity is great but so is being realistic. It's a completely natural feeling to want to start over with something that will feel easier or more comfortable. Self doubt will kill dreams without mercy. Don't fall for it. Whether it's a degree, a new business start up, a project, anything. The universe rewards those who have the courage to keep pursuing what their heart desires.

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