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Got me in my feelings

So, I lost a lot of followers over my last post (to be expected) and that's totally fine with me. I want you to know that I'm just a human who has passionate convictions about things- and while I'd like to be gentle in voicing them all the time, sometimes I can't. I'm not perfect and I don't expect anyone else to be- but the truth is everyone can do something to be better. I feel the need to use my reach for things a little more important than selfies sometimes. I'm not making apologizes for offending anyone because it was just a video of something that actually happens....if you're appalled by it, should be. That's the point. To outrage you, to make you see the injustice and the cruelty, because it might invoke action in you. I don't share a video like that to be mean or rude - in fact it's not about me at all- it's about the animals. You might have things you care more about than animals- and that's fine-I hope you're being outspoken about those things that matter to you too, and I hope people don't try to censor you or talk you down from trying to bring awareness to it. I've never felt more passionate about anything in my life than animals. If you don't want to hear about it from time to time, then you can unfollow me. I'd rather use my voice to speak out for those who never will be able to, than to keep quiet so I don't loose followers. In fact- I'm doing probably the LEAST you can do. There's activists out there that are getting locked up for trying to expose what happens in factory farms, fur factories, fighting for animals, tresspassing to document and free animals, etc- so this is just my platform to help, which pales in comparison to their bravery- but we all have to work together in the best ways we can. I appreciate all of you who follow my account and have stuck with me for years! I know so many of you have said I was one of the reasons you chose to go vegan- and that means the world to me. ❤️

People have various ways of trying to spread the vegan message so that it's "easier" for people to hear and not be turned off by our "extreme" views. Since when was being educated and not a pawn to the meat/dairy/seafood industry "extreme"? I'm sorry but I- just like most vegans, grew up eating meat and dairy. We know what it tastes like. We know what BACON tastes like. We CHOOSE to live a life without it because the thought of paying someone to harm animals just for the taste is sickening. Tell me you feel nothing watching this. Tell me that cow doesn't feel the terror of its life about to end. I'm sorry but it's 2017, I'm not going to tiptoe around your excuses. It's hard to be gentle about the mass cruelty and murder of millions of innocent animals. Your cat or dog is the same as a cow or pig. Don't let your traditions make it ok to continue killing animals, harming your health, and destroying the planet.
If you want to open your eyes, then educate yourself. I wasn't born vegan. I became vegan because I back up my beliefs, I don't turn a blind eye to them. And I promise you- there is a whole world of amazing food to eat as a vegan!
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So scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen...


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And I know I'm losing all my time,
doesn't seem like it was ever mine

Run around in the radiation
Run around in the acid rain

Push the sky away

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