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So London Comic Con eh? That was fun!

Finally got to play it today!! And I won which was a result :3 #zelda #monopoly

All ready for comic con in May, just gotta dye my hair black and style it when the time comes x3

#comicon #sao #kirito #cosplay #costume #swordartonline #anime

Part 2! Sorry for all the buzz notes the end was seriously tricky to play :/

As requested by @thnks_fr_th_fndms part 1 of sarias song/lost woods! Sorry it took so long >w<

I must apologise for not tending to this account much, I was hunted down by the group of homophobes I've had a lot of trouble with and they've injured me quite a lot, I was gonna post a pic of the wound but it's a bit disgusting, I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support and especially @skullah_femskullkid for the tags and comments which were a joy to come back to! Stay awesome you hylians :)

I did another drawinggggg x3 #drawing #zelda #toon #windwaker

How are you my loyal Kokiri, hylians, zora, gorons and everyone?

Got these for Christmas as well! :3

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, love you all my followers!!!! I bought most of this XDD self Christmas FTW

Best. Christmas. Ever. XDDD

Now my favourite actor is actually Matt Damon for his acting skills, but Alex Pettyfer (pictured) is just SO gorgeous that I can't ignore him 😍

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