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Oliver Jones

When you have that idea running through your head and you literally have to get out of bed and get in the studio..... Defo inspired by old @edbanger records but excited to test out in the coming weeks!

Wicked video from @nocturnalwland at the weekend dropping that heater from @denissulta
Top by the @prevulondon boys again

2018s Open To Close kicks off next week!
Nottingham - Sold out
Manchester - Sold out
Aberdeen - Sold out
Final tickets for Glasgow, London, Cardiff & Birmingham!! Thank you to all that have bought so far and chop chop if you're thinking about it!

Genuinely from the bottom my heart I don't think people realise how much this girl means to me....Actually the soundest on the Planet.... 1 in a million, literally. #missyou #youknowthatiloveyoubaby

True story, shouts to the @ghopunderground gang! Next stop @kindasuperdisco for my Houston debut!

Popping off to the states for a few days..... Detroit tonight, making my debut in Houston tomorrow and joining the gang at @nocturnalwland on Saturday!

#Repost with @Repostlyapp @paul_danan_official Gaffers always idolised Daz ‘the Professor’ Day. He could eye ball bags within 0.1g, had a photographic memory of the Chinawhite fire escapes, could spot a fake Von Dutch cap from 20 metres and he claimed he had copyrighted a stealth fingering technique he called ’The DazCorp™️ technologies method’ which apparently was getting a ‘Big Launch’ at the ‘01 High Street Honies awards.
If you can read mandarin you’ll know that his tattoo says ‘footjobs, strength, wisdom’

RIP the original gallis..... #Shageeeeer

Back joining my @elrowofficial gang this weekend in Amsterdam b2b w/ the legend @dennisferrerofficial alongside some sexy mother fuckaz! This is set to be absolutely unreal! Can't wait!

Set times for @mintfestival are up now! Joining me on the The Bunker stage is @eatseverything b2b @patricktopping / @richyahmed b2b @cometobutch / @bobby_odonnell and Tobias 😎

Most Sunday's growing up tbh 😂

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