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Shambhala w/ @djmaseo from De La Soul! Warming up for Edmonton Sun Aug 19 #BastidsBBQ. My dude is READY.
There’s no feeling quite like playing music alongside someone who is directly responsible for songs that changed your life. You get a chance to rock the crowd share that vibe with many more, and the energy carries on to other people. The cycle continues on. Much love & respect to De La Soul for everything they’ve done and continue to do for hip-hop culture. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Year after year, @shambhala_mf fills me like no other party. Thank you. Back to the party.
📸: @chaneneveling the incredible.

Here’s some video from the @playlistretreat session pictured yesterday. @djmelod always been one of the cleanest and funkiest all around DJs in the game. Watch him get busy (wtf is that crab-tear thingy?) and then watch me spontaneously try and set the Guinness Book Of World Records longest chirp record. Working that new @raneDJ 72 x Twelves setup. This session lasted about an hour and included some ridiculous doubles from @djjaycee313. The rawness! Follow Melo and and @beatjunkieios for more turntable greatness.
#Repost from @djmelod
#FlashbackFriday One of many personal highlights from Playlist Retreat 2018 was a freestyle scratch session with my man @skratchbastid aka the BBQ Bawws ♨️♨️♨️ More content coming soon! @playlistretreat #playlistretreat

📸: @pharoahemonch — Yes, the 🐐 MC got snaps. Spent the last four days building with inspiring individuals like Pharoahe and @djmelod. We rapped about our favorite DJ routines/battles, good music, DJ career experience, and of course we got our freestyle cut on. Just one of the many incredible moments from @playlistretreat that I’m processing on my way back home. #PlaylistRetreat2018 was another one for the books. Social media blackout was in effect; peep my stories and follow the Playlist account for a closer look at the amazing work that @djjazzyjeff & his team are doing to help like-minded individuals collaborate, create and exchange, building a stronger independent creative environment. Like you see in the moment captured here (by Pharoahe, I repeat!). #Full & #Grateful! Truly remarkable what good people can do when they put their mind & heart to it. Thank you brother Jeff!

Because it’s #808Day, here’s my “Peter Piper” routine video rocking the DJ-808, a controller released last year that features a sequencer and 808 sounds along with DJ controller features (jog wheels, pads). I recreated the original song live using the acapella and samples, and did my best to recreate Jam Master Jay’s legendary cuts. Full video on the Skratch School YouTube channel, posted last December — go find that!

Happy 8.08 Day. Most influential drum machine ever. I mean, what drum machine do you know that has its own sneaker deal? Nothing sounds quite like an #808
@rolandcanada #808Day

EDMONTON up next! #BastidsBBQ rolls on. Sun Aug 19th we are bringing the legendary Plug 3 @djmaseo of De La Soul to the City of Champions! We’ll be pulling up to @vignettesyeg with the @redbullmusic Tour Bus with a cast of musical curators guaranteed to make your day: @djcsik (Calgary), @flavoursmusic, @alloutecho, @justinfoosh, @girlsclubdjs, @djsonny_grimezz, @samplercafe, and Me, Myself, and I, aka @skratchbastid. Grab tickets for this momentous occasion at or via the link in bio. Tell a friend to tell a friend that there’s a party going down! Winnipeg (Sept 9) and Vancouver (Sept 23) coming soon too, get tickets for those as well. Who’s coming to them all!? See you soon!

Next Toronto show! Sat Aug 18 @cabanapoolbar w/ good people/DJs @jedharper @deejaytjr @yesyesninobrown. We gonna be on a 🌊 come splash with us. Yo @shaq I heard you rocked it last weekend. Big shows to fill (see what I did there?) — I’m bringing my A-game ☄️

Had “Good Times” rocking in Sante Fe. OMW 2 Miami Fri & Sat at Soho House & @basementmiami respectively. Someone save a seat in the shade for me.

Still love freestyling doubles with the classics. Every time is different. Thanks to @bizz3n for snapping this video. Peep IG stories for more. The gig was dope, a contemporary art exhibit opening party, and my friend @talwst was featured. What are the chances?? Also shout out to @aaronbigtoejuarros and Beth for their hospitality. Big Toe’s to the world! @craganrock_studio

#TBT I would say. Just found some footage I recorded practicing for 2004 Canadian DMC finals in my first Montreal apartment after moving up from Halifax. A young die hard rap fan juggling @alanthechemist-produced Big Noyd records in my showcase. Triple 5 Soul tee, poor choice of colour for a ginger. Learned a lot that summer and in those 5 years in the great city of MTL after leaving what was a bit of a comfort zone in my home city.
A lot of people ask me how to learn to scratch or juggle or mix like I can send them a quick DM that will give them the juice, but really it takes years of practice, dedication, study, and challenging & defining yourself. Practice, set goals, get involved in local scenes & online communities, put together routines & videos, try, fail, succeed, take criticism, break down your own mental barriers of criticism and envy towards others (and other genres/styles of doing things)... there is so much to learn at every stage. Everyone has a different path, just keep making yours the best way you know how and that applies to your life. It’s all unchartered territory. Professional DJ wasn’t on the list of options when I was in elementary school.
I placed 2nd in the DMC Canadian finals the year this video was filmed. And the next year, and then that was the end of my DMC career (placed 4th in two earlier years). I never won a national DMC final. My 3 Scribble Jam DJ battle titles are the only DJ trophies I really have, which I’m very proud of, and truth be told I learned a lot more from Scribble than I did at DMC, by watching artists/labels/groups from across the USA build fan bases and navigate the independent music industry. Oh and my first Scribble battle (2001) produced my “Star Wars” video, which gave me an early taste of the value of online video years later when someone ripped it from the Scribble DVD and posted it on ebaumsworld (placed 2nd in that battle, too!). Whole point of this is that DJ careers are a long journey filled with different circumstances and outcomes for everyone. I didn’t let not winning a DMC final hinder me from making a career in music that I’m very proud of and thankful for... (continued in comments)

#BastidsBBQ Toronto 2018 that’s a wrap! Up next: Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and… ? We got some HEAVY surprises in store. Stay tuned. Hit or the link in bio for tickets. If you weren’t in Toronto, here’s what you missed courtesy of @combobravo. See you next year!

Thanks again to our Toronto dream team : @realpeterock @teksmokeelah @generalsteele @kardinalo @choclairofficial @rvrs416 @lindop416 @87forde @hedspin @fullcrate @jayemkayem @espearce @maggzelizabeth @fuckyoumakeart @redbullcanada @pbr_canada @ranedj @heyyallicedtea @union.chicken and of course @markitis & @rolandbroere of @rockpapermanagement 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌞🌞🌞❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶

It’s #BastidsBBQ season and EDMONTON SUNDAY AUG 19 joins Winnipeg (Sun Sept 9) and Vancouver (Sun Sept 23) in our list of upcoming stops. We just got clearance from the City of Champions and the date is coming up quicker than Connor McDavid’s slapshot, plus it’s our FIRST EDMONTON BBQ EVER so tell a friend to tell a friend to grab some tickets on the cheap at (or via the link in IG bio) and LET’S DO THIS. Make plans. See you there.

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