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Greg Lane  live from tiki studios𓅓

Catch Me on Speedway Burning Rubber / Laughing at the Feds Eating My Dust / The “L” Stands for Lick My Balls

sky blue horses when the sky is grey

had to go 2 for 2, blood on my pants and wite-out on my shoes. the stable is heading into legendary status, graduating from Jockey to World Class Horse Breeder. I called these the “Secretariats” ps @chickfila breakfast is the best

the block is hot so I had to throw some pants in some lemonade mix. just wait until you see the stable at the end of this summer. MAJESTIC


the heat can’t prevent me from blessing the streets with the new addition to the stable. this summer you niggas are in for it. but for now I’m calling these the “COOLWITHCARROT”s. 5 Star Stallions Only. Straight Horse Power.

I found my muse

today was suppose to be about redemption. but then I lost my glasses. I should be mad BUT I like my fit and my dirty sneakers. and I got to see @yunglean2001 . Was hoping to see Fallen Demon but one step at at time.

this is the weakest fit I put together in recent history, but your grandmother makes me feel beautiful so it’s all good.

it’s about that time I get cut off again

no face no case

shout out @glenhammerle @el_budro fueling me with the tools to fuck the streets up. This summer is going to be brutal. Not for me but for the bitches hating on me. You niggas are about to be real upset. @hockey.eyeswithoutaface

Being blessed for your birthday is the best feeling in the world. Shout out to the best dudes in all businesses @glenhammerle @el_budro @fuckingawesome . if you say you know better you’re a liar. It’s HOCKEY/FA WORLD if you see me riding anything else shoot me in the face.

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