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Greg Lane  live from tiki studios𓅓

christmas was 2 weeks ago and I’m still in the holiday spirit. you would too if you were simultaneously blessed with good fortune by the universe. if you don’t care about @hockey.eyeswithoutaface or @fuckingawesome you need to start, the sickest shit in the game and the best staff in the business. shoutout to @el_budro @glenhammerle @chillestblackest and the many unknown @‘s of warehouse heroes. and shoutout to @warbyparker for the amazing customer service, now that my brain is back in order my reign of destruction is back on full gear.

when you have an umbrella the rain can’t stop you from flicking up on your enemies. especially if you were hunch-backing under an led trying to paint these 12 stripes. I had to let my horses cool down for once. all the hours of youtube videos paid off. that @rastafariwhitter fit.

through temporary defeat in battle I managed to secure the victory in war. Instead of the Purple Heart I was awarded these Aquaberry Radolphies. the results of these inspired me to showcase these sweet ass adidas I got from the big bro @karl_watson_ . Switch blade season, and I got my Apple Watch back you butches.

instead of acting like a some old bitter ass crusty bitch with no teeth and a UTI, you should just smile and enjoy this photo of me and San Francisco’s favorite family, the Hiraga’s wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the rest of the fun stuff. Nothing but love, peace and negativity this holiday season. Have pity for your enemies. Theyve never smelled pine. And tell your mother you love her, cause I do. If not you’re fucking up.

I have bad news: against all odds I still made it out to SF bitch. 3 missed flights! Landed in Oakland and my Bags Landed in SFO. Things go bad for niggas who hate. Things go better for niggas like me. shout out to @karl_watson_ and @fuckingawesome for having a nigga looking great.

I couldn’t figure out a better time to show off the spilled wine polos then with the fresh pack of @adidasskateboarding that just touched down. Can’t you see the stoke on my face. Plot Level KFC Gravy. Shout out to the plug @karl_watson_ , the homies on lockdown and @_maulpartin for the spell check.

I had the day all planned out. I was gonna get fitted, some new shoes, set up a new board and get some clips. Instead I made a hit. Turns out @ishodwair and I are an East Coast Powerhouse. NJ’s finest.🔊 @xanservin
WYAH!?! Shout out @glenhammerle , @el_budro and folks over at @fuckingawesome for providing me with the board that I was going to skate.

me and Milo don’t whisper, we’re better friends than that. I engage in more of K9 Converse.

I have a few more ideas I have to master before start going global. But for now I’ll be in the lab mixing up the medicine with my bros. Stable Collection coming sooner than later @tiki.studios . The third photo does the most justice. Fuck anybody who is out fuck anybody’s life up. And double fuck the constant contradictors.

PSA: I got my glasses in the mail and now that I could see again. I have a clear vision of a dickieless future.
With that being said I got the green light to post what I like to call the “Mike Del” Key Lime Polos.
shout out to my bros doing nigga shit daily

last night I was feeling inspired so I went in the lab and made the “Traitor Park Camo” Polos. the combinations are endless

In/outdoor lighting

these were all taken on the same block. this weather is crazy.
notes were taken and now I have the recipe to down to a science. soon I’ll be entering the master class of coloring and leave you niggas wondering.

I can’t wait until my toenails grow back so I could start skating again. and these are the exact things I’ll be skating. Over and over and over again until they fall off again. Shoutout to the good people, husbands and fathers over at @fuckingawesome for blessing the kid.

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