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Greg Lane  live from tiki studios𓅓

PSA: I got my glasses in the mail and now that I could see again. I have a clear vision of a dickieless future.
With that being said I got the green light to post what I like to call the “Mike Del” Key Lime Polos.
shout out to my bros doing nigga shit daily

last night I was feeling inspired so I went in the lab and made the “Traitor Park Camo” Polos. the combinations are endless

In/outdoor lighting

these were all taken on the same block. this weather is crazy.
notes were taken and now I have the recipe to down to a science. soon I’ll be entering the master class of coloring and leave you niggas wondering.

I can’t wait until my toenails grow back so I could start skating again. and these are the exact things I’ll be skating. Over and over and over again until they fall off again. Shoutout to the good people, husbands and fathers over at @fuckingawesome for blessing the kid.

new shoes and a new board is the best combination since safe sex. if you don’t skate these boards your soul would fall into the empty abyss just like in this graphic. shout out the Russell Brand Outdoors Pants

since the game is under renovation I thought I’d throw on the “Pink Painter’s” and give the place a face lift. tell this nigga Ralph that he’s in for a treat.

they banned me from every country club in Texas for getting too many eagles. my stroke was too consistent

catch me on the fairway doing donuts
while bogus niggas get triple bogies

my stable is getting outrageous

I almost had a chemical meltdown in the lab making these pants. It started with a simple color then shit went haywire. I’m calling these the “Dirty Hyenas”. I’m working on a bunch ideas to turn this horse shit to the next level.

doggo, paint distressed adidas, donny and dis big ass tree I had to climb for the picture. big ups to mother nature, the environment and the polo gods for leading me in a dickie-free lifestyle.

Catch Me on Speedway Burning Rubber / Laughing at the Feds Eating My Dust / The “L” Stands for Lick My Balls

sky blue horses when the sky is grey

had to go 2 for 2, blood on my pants and wite-out on my shoes. the stable is heading into legendary status, graduating from Jockey to World Class Horse Breeder. I called these the “Secretariats” ps @chickfila breakfast is the best

the block is hot so I had to throw some pants in some lemonade mix. just wait until you see the stable at the end of this summer. MAJESTIC

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