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SKOVeS (Sammy Kovnat)  Philly/NJ based artist, passionate about breaking plates, beeswax, and all things warm. #12hours12books12months ✴Art Experimentalist ✴

When you get lost in the process you start seeing things in the floor 🏔️ #mountains #peelingpaint #paintballs #mywristsareachingfromallofthispriming #9sheetsleft #soclose

Mural prep leads to magical textures. (See also: Saran wrapping floors is exhausting)
#keepyoursaranwrapawayfrommeplease #muralprep #muralarts

My cousin got married last night and it was really wonderful.
Also wonderful: blue wall sconces and rock candy.

Life in the Margins

I think about death often, especially because I have experienced so many sudden deaths in the past year and a half, so I wrote a poem about it. I think it's important to try and makes sense of things that often feel senseless. I also know that I need to work through the fear and shock that I'm still processing, if this resonates with you, know you aren't alone.
So here it is, split up by a year, three days, and two swipes.
#poetry #skoves

Finally took photos of my April Poetry book (🥀), lots of flower petals and sporadic thoughts
#12x12x12 #poetry #12hours12books12months #aprilpoetrybook #ricepaper

Casual reminder to leave your house if you are feeling sad and can bring yourself to do it.
Grass is so great.
Plants are so great.
Being weird in nature without being in such a densely populated area is super important for my mental health and I am grateful for friends with blueberry bushes and big back yards that I can melt into💙

The whole wall ✓
Isaiah ✓
Iris ✓
Community members ✓
#Mosaic #glassboronj

Approximately 62 hours of works later, the Glassboro Mosaic Family Success Center Mural is (96%) Complete!!!
All that's left is to repaint the lines back in between the mirror squiggles! I'm really grateful to have been a part of this project, prepping mirror, doily blobs, grouting my life away, creating tiles with community members, it was a lot, but also really wonderful to be able to contribute to making Glassboro a more visually beautiful place! (I'm excited to share pictures once it's 100% complete!) Shout out to @isaiahzagar for sharing knowledge with me, the internship opportunity, and for the mosaic gift!

#Mosaic #Mosaicfamilysucesscenter #glassboronj #glassboroartsdistrict #RowanUniversity #IsaiahZagar #Robinsnest #Creativeglassboro

Perpetually in the mood to sit around, listen to music, and smile at people I love.
#hereslookingatyoukid #allofyous #southphillysouthphilly

My body is made of crumbling Mastiff​ and this car is what is keeping me chugging along.
This car is life.
I love it.

Here is a few little open poem flaps!

I feel like I don't know what a poem is anymore, at this point I'm gonna have 12 books of poetic rambling thought, which I've come to accept.
#12hours12books12months #12x12x12 #MarchPoetryBook

March (Color Wheel "Pop Up") Poetry book!
Frustrating to photograph, on top of boxes not being my favorite thing to make, it took me a bit to finish this one!

Y'all thought I had given up on this project didn't you?? Just know I keep trying new things that frustrate and challenge me in ways that I think seem simple at first and then end up taking forever!
Also, I'm using my Grandfather's typewriter to finish my April book and that's a challenge I didn't realize was gonna make my head hurt.
Also, next week I'm gonna make my website live so there will be Plate Mosaic Pieces for sale and a few sketch/notebooks. First come first serve, please be patient with me as I figure out the whole shipping and handling packaging process! *End rant* ❤

#12hours12books12months #12x12x12 #MarchPoetryBook #artbooks #colourwheel

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