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Cօurtneყ🇺🇸🌻  Chasing my dreams one barbell at a time🏋🏼‍♀️ • CA🔜TN • Welcome to my world 🐚🌸

If I was able to relive high school and be able to talk to my younger self I would give her the words of encouragement . Tell her that no matter how rough the road may get time and time again there will always be a light at the end of it . Never second guess yourself , don't try and change who you are just because someone doesn't agree with the way you look or the way you look at things . You are kind and smart and beautiful and you're young . Don't try and grow up to fast because there is plenty of time for growth. Don't let those who made marks on you affect the way you live and the way you see yourself in the mirror. Everything you do in life should be for you not for others who are looking at you from afar. Stay motivated and continue to chase your dreams , never loose track of who you are and keep your friends close . It's okay to cry, I know you don't like showing your soft side but sometimes you have to . Live everyday to its fullest and love everyone that has helped you along the way. Leave your insecurities behind and love the way you live and the person you are going to grow out to be . This is to everyone going through hard times and loosing themselves along the way. Just remember you are loved , you are beautiful and you are smarter then you think . Don't stop chasing your dreams👣

Happy National Pup Day🐾 #pitbull #mybaby #yoked


Re-evaluate your perception on things🌸

I'm just here to enjoy the view⛰ #castlerock

I love my little pumpkin🌸

If you guide me I'll protect you 🐾🌻

Mood as fuck rn☠️

Surround yourself with those you love when you can't love yourself💐

I just can't get enough 💕🐾#pitbull #bully

Finally get to see my best friend 💕💕💕💕 literally balling my eyes out and couldn't believe I finally got to see him. After the Sargent had his speech and said, " Go get your marine!" I ran and tried to find him. After a few minutes Chase held me on his shoulder to gaze across the big crowd of people. As I was looking I saw a young man dressed in uniform swerving through people my way. I jumped out of chases arms , ran towards him and jumped in his arms . I haven't been that haply in my life as tears dripped down my face . Congratulations Marine ❤️ #usmarines

This is my therapy👌🏼 #goldsgym #fitness

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