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James Sutherland  'A scarecrow, a yellow moon, pretty soon a carnival on the edge of town'. Stuff & nonsense, not necessarily in that order, all snapped on a Samsung.

Got a Big Star head on today...


Facing the cameras four years ago for Japanese youth TV. FUN!


Classy Cambodian commute.

Cadillac Cambodia

Sunset from a moving vehicle.

'Dr. Winston O'Boogie, I presume?'
Located at @tony_lefferts_spacefourzero in #phnompenh

Klassic! Kinks first in mono. Pointing to the track 'I took my baby home' the first song I rehearsed with the first band I was in, 'Paranoya'.

The cassette is making a comeback?
This was one of the first cassette singles released in Scotland. Our little combo recorded this in what was essentially a glorified shed (Forss Hall) on the northern coast of Caithness. Not many of these around...

Happy International Clash Day!

'charms, sweet angels--you have made me no longer afraid of death' #pattismith