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LADIES! GET LEAN! KEEP CURVES  #skipfitnessresults #skipfitnessgym personal trainer NYC 🛫 Managing partner of Skipfitness LLC 1/2 of @couponwithbebe

Eh... ya'll already know what we do. @ms_i_dontplay .. business as usual.. shutting the game all the way down.. 6 months in... still up the same 2 pounds... toning up crazy nice... 🚶🏾‍♂️👌🏾.. just the normal usual stuff we've been doing ther past 5 going on 6 years... nothing major🤣🤣... light work.. this is what we do.. 2days a week .. no cardio

#skipfitnessgym 28pounds off so far.. still got a ways to go😉.. not stopping until shredded 👌🏾🤓

#skipfitnessgym got me down 28pounds so far since January 1,2018.. what yall waiting on again?🍪🍪👌🏾🚶🏾‍♂️

Just wanted to share an email I got yesterday.. since we started in 2012/2013, this is how we've grown. Word of mouth and results.. nothing more, nothing less... no fancy marketing gimmicks.. hell, no gimmicks anywhere. Just straight results and getting it done. 2days a week workout and eat what you want that fits. Who knew😀.. and till this day, we continue to grow bigger using the same exact strategy.. and that's getting people in shape👌🏾

Look up to this guy a lot.. just applying what they teaching to the fitness game

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what's up ya'll

Nutrition class starting in 10 minutes.. don't come now, because you're late✌🏾🚶🏾‍♂️


@nix_72vsg is tightening up real nice while keeping all the assets.. our motto is ladies, get lean, KEEP CURVES!.. THIS AIN'T NO RIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.. this is a siiiccckkkk body program.. so if you don't like a lot of attention, this Is not the place you wanna be✌🏾🚶🏾‍♂️

@kryssy_kaye another newbie flying.. ain't even thru her first 10 season package yet.. and got everybody she knows going crazy with these results😁

I remember when @unforgettablenina brought those blue tights. She said she brought the wrong size and couldn't fit them.. few weeks ago, she was able to fit them.. now this is how the tights look today. Looks like tights that were too small are going to be too big and real soon too 👌🏾😊

Got plenty of newbies that's actually following directions and makiing my job easy. @kaykayjones14 is one of them.. learned her body super fast because she actually just followed the directions😀.. now, she's well on her way to shutting everything down in no time😁

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