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LADIES! GET LEAN! KEEP CURVES  Let's DO IT 646-493-4801 Body Transformation Specialist NYC 🛫 Managing partner of Skipfitness LLC 1/2 of @couponwithbebe

The GAINS ain't stopping on @smileygrl15 ... as she goes up in weight, the waist is just getting smaller😌.. up almost 16 lbs and still fitting in a size 4😌😌😌😌.. she gotta do the running man to get the jeans over the legs and butt.. but when they get up there, the waist is too small and looks baggy😔😔 .. that's the big butt small waist problems😢.. I'm sorry @smileygrl15 for making ya butt too big..😔😔.. sike🤣🤣🤣🤣 time to get it bigger🍑🍑🍑🍑

Few more days😁

Uh o. @lovingme_tiffb back in the game like she never left😁... summer equals vacations.. And that don't mean give everything bac while on vacation.. still do what ya gotta do.. And she's that much closer to getting that stomach out of here😁.. I'd say another 8 weeks and it's bye bye belly 👋🏾👋🏾

This the hardest I worked out ever I think.. if not, damn near closer😔.. but I got a goal in mind.. I ain't settling or stopping 😀

#skipfitness2017 #skipfitnessmacrotrack finally got a day nutrition wise in the books.. now I just gotta find time to workout😯.. as you may or may not know, around this time of the year, it gets crazy busy on the training end. The day after labor day is usually crazy busy.. and this is coupled on to an already super busy schedule. This time of the year is usually slow.. but it's mega busy😮😮. Thank you guy and gals for putting your faith in us to get you in the best shape. We don't take it lightly.. that coupled on to the fact that we're gearing up to open our first gym, seems so surreal😀.. all from helping people for real and remaining humble😁.. and stuck through all the bullshit with people lying on our names.. just leave it to God and time😁😁. As you can see, we still shining and growing because the truth will prevail

Uh o... @essene_jellybean almost there👌🏾.. just wanna take a few more pounds off.. maybe 2-7 lbs🤔... we'll see as it goes.. I'll know when to pull that lever to make them gains that look good already even crazier😮😮😮🎂🎂🍰🍰🤑🤑watch this😌

@choolishes these tights starting to get too big🤔... that body getting super crazy tho.. and yah, this is watery.. that time is rolling around.. but yeah, it comes with the territory. Y'all been having this time come ever since you hit puberty🤣🤣.. It's crazy because all the ladies go crazy when this time of the month comes for them.. and I'm here to say, ladies, calm the hell down🙄. You're just noticing it because you're dieting now and want to lose🤣🤣

Uh o. @choolishes starting to get crazy on y'all.. told y'all I was pulling the plug and moving to the next step When she went on vacation.. she's down 7 lbs now🙄.. and I think I wanna take off a few more pounds scale wise Before this is going into maintenance/ lean mass phase... what are those phases? That's for us to know and for you to find out😁... plenty of coaches out there.. but they ain't doing it like this😁.. And in real time😮😮.. I pretty much stopped posting old results and posting new developments as they come🙄

See, this is also why we rising😁.. putting the haters up on some game again🙄.. and really and truly, we wish em nothing but success.. It's room for everybody to win👌🏾.. but if you out here hating on the next one, ain't gonna get you no where🙄.. as you Can see🤓.. but hey, don't take my word for it.. analyze ya situation.. if any hate is there, get it out ya blood and watch how you expand😊.. unimaginable growth potential once you get the hate out 😁.. but hey, just Some advice.. you Can do whatever you wanna do👌🏾🚶🏾‍♂️

We good 😍😍😁👋🏾

It's a celebration😁

We having the time of our lives.. and it just keep getting better @couponwithbebe 😁😁

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