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LADIES! GET LEAN! KEEP CURVES  Let's DO IT 646-493-4801 Body Transformation Specialist NYC 🛫 Owner/ Founder Skipfitness LLC 1/2 of @couponwithbebe

True story. If you practice the wrong stuff, you'll be proficient at the wrong stuff... if you practice the right stuff, you'll be proficient in the right stuff.. and able to reproduce it again and again😁.. are you permanently getting results? Maybe it's your practice habits that needs to be changed

🤣🤣🤣🤣.. it's the same exact cycle every year... workout crazy hard winter to right before summer just to stop and give it all back🙄🙄.. then go hard again day after labor day and beyond.. not realizing the most important part, looking good for summer😆😆.. just gonna cover it all up in water retention/ bloating... but hey, don't say I didn't tell you🙄... break the cycle😀

Just wait til we get warmed up @curls_n_coils 😆😆😆

Well, we're 3 whole workouts in with @sparklencurls return😀.. this finna be a breeze🤣🤣🤣. I don't believe the scale moved At all.. if anything, the scale went up😁

.. how long we gotta wait now?🤔🤔.. been a few years now 🤣🤣🤣.. still nothing🙄

Mood🤑🤑🤑 keep pushing @couponwithbebe .. this sounds like us.

#skipfitnessmacrotrack #skipfitness2017 2 more days til 60 days in. Last stretch of the 90 day challenge coming.. and I smell fresh new progress coming😰

See, this has everything to do with making the right decisions at the right times.. up 12 lbs on @smileygrl15 and about to walk food up again😁.. FILLING it out with less fat.. actually going up in weight and having to make New holes in ya belt because the waist is getting too small😀.. again, das knows how.. ain't doing a bunch of squats either.. and this is flat😊.. wait til she comes back the next day with refeed booty😰🍑🍑🍰🍰🎂🎂

Still making all kinds of upgrades on @jazzybofficial7 ☺.. yeah, das workout. The right way 😀.. making the upgrades in the right places to fill the buns out .. gotta know which exercises to do at which times to fill it out the right way.. ain't just doing a bunch of squats. Which we don't even do😂😂🤣🤣🤣.. but hey.. y'all got it! Squat away😉

#skipfitnessmacrotrack #skipfitness2017 headed to the home stretch in that 90 day challenge. How y'all making out? I'm down 16 lbs since starting🙄.. But what I'm doing doesn't reflect on your body and what you're doing doesn't reflect on my body.. you are responsible for your own actions .. whether you do what you gotta do or you don't, the time will pass anyway.. so you might as well spend your time doing what you gotta do.. because it's actually the laziest option🙄.. who wants to go to the gym just to go no where because your nutrition is off.. ima make every second count because it's the laziest thing you can do😁


@essene_jellybean finding out how I got the name😌😁.. watch this👀👀👀😌

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