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Chris Ortiz  Tattoo Artist in Abilene, TX

Come by Bareknuckle Studios today to purchase a $10 raffle ticket to enter to win a $300+ tattoo!!

WHO'S GOING TO LET ME DO THIS ON THEM?!!!! I'm too excited to tattoo this on someone #watercolorbeetlejuice #beetlejuice #timburton

Had a lot of fun doing this scarface portrait last night. I need to do more portraits!! So if anyone is interested in getting someone's face tattooed on you, feel free to contact me asap! Thanks for looking. #bishoprotarymachines #eternalink #fusionink #txtattooartist #scarfacetattoo #alpacinotattoo #scarface #alpacino

Here's another one that goes to show this line of work isn't for just anyone, no matter how much you try to teach someone your personal insight on artistic ability. Sometimes you just gotta stick to a regular 9 to 5 and leave this life to the professionals. Thanks for looking. #bishoprotarymachines #footprinttattoo #eternalink #fusionink #redotattoo #tryagain #betterlucknexttime

Kind of a late notice but Fernando Rodriguez and I WILL be attending this show this coming up weekend! So if anyone would like to come out to Midland and show some love and help me home back some trophies let me know! Im excited to get to see my tattoo homies again and get out of town for a good weekend.

Had a blast doing this tattoo today!! Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for looking. @bishoprotary #watercolortattoo #watercolorliontattoo #watercolorlion #bishoprotarymachines #eternalink #fusionink #txtattooartist

Well.... it's finally official!!! I'm the official owner of Bareknuckle Studios!! Come see me and my other artists for your new ink!

Addison's reaction was priceless!! IT'S A GIRL!!

S/O to the newest member of Bareknuckle Studios @y3llaboiwf Ryan Jones!! Check out his work and come set up an appointment to get your next tattoo from either him or me here at #bareknucklestudios

Please forgive me!! But sometimes.... I GOTTA DO IT TO EM!! A little cover-up action from today. Just to show this business isn't for everyone, no matter how hard you try. S/O to @timmy_brown24 for sitting like a soldier thru the process! Thanks for looking. @bishoprotary #bishoprotarymachines #fusionink #fusionopaquegrey #txtattooartist #bareknucklestudios

It's been a while since I've got to do a watercolor tattoo! Had a great time doing this one for Britain Paulk last night!! I need to do more, so if anyone's interested in getting some watercolor done soon contact me asap. Thanks for looking! #watercolortattoo #morningbird #bishoprotarymachines @bishoprotary #eternalink #fusionink #txtattooartist