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Monica Chang 

We sit together, the mountain
and me,
until only the mountain
remains. -

Our faces won’t last like jade.
Life’s more like clouds. -

Li Po and Kuan Hsiu from The Poetry of Zen. Reading some poems today to get grounded for this new year.

Her safe place is mine as well #miki

Double the chin, double the happiness 🐐 @wildwomenprevail #goatyoga

A night of utmost stimulation welcomes a quiet sunrise amongst good friends.

Dusk on the playa felt supernatural. One moment we were chasing skydivers falling from the sky. Another moment we were having a candid conversation about the spirit of Burning Man with Bobcat a photographer from Colorado. These moments were fleeting but they were also deeply real.

Nothing about Burning Man is easy. It was rough through and through. We waited 9 hours at the gates in a dust storm. Thousands of us were stagnant together but undeterred. A man came by our window offering some watermelon. We offered him some Hawaiian bread. This was a testament to the week to come.

My mom’s youngest sister @yaoyu3033 is like an older sister to me. I visited her and her family in Shanghai every summer in college. I’ve always tried to emulate her ability to hustle, boundless generosity, and effortless charisma.

Over the weekend while helping my dad with a monstrous spring cleaning effort of his garage, these 4 WWII aircrafts soared over us. It made me pause and feel lucky and small. 📷: @anstatran #zamperinifield

Miki loves her morning yoga in the courtyard these days 📷: @anstatran #downwardcat #yogacat #miki

We are so lucky to inherit this earth 🌏. Let’s do right by it. #auroraborealis #northernlights

#Denali I want to know you better. What are you like in the summer? This is only the beginning of our love story. 💘

Visual sound waves 🌊 ........... an appetizer to the aurora borealis 🍭

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