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The Skinny Pig • Food + Travel  Dara 📍NYC Bacon. Sarcasm. Cooking. #teamcapezio 🌐: www.theskinnypignyc.com 📧: theskinnypignyc@gmail.com


Monday moods can always be healed with Monday noods. @thetangnyc has me feeling all the feels with this bowl of porky goodness. Someone bring me this ASAP bc breakfast is the most important meal of the day 🍜🤤🐷 #thetangnyc #noodles #skinnypignyc #mondays

It’s Championship Sunday! This spread from @thehummusandpitaco was the real champ though. And that chicken shawarma is EVERYTHING 🤤 Place your catering orders for the big game asap 🙌🏼🏈🐷 #thehummusandpitaco #hummus #skinnypignyc #championshipsunday

Of all the vegan burgers I’ve tried, this is probably the best one. The Impossible Burger is completely plant-based and shockingly tastes and looks kind of like meat. Even the inside “bleeds” and looks medium rare. I don’t understand this sorcery. But either way, considering I’m the farthest thing from vegan, I had to add cheese. Sorry I’m not sorry. Get it at @billsbarandburger 🌱🍔🐷 #impossibleburger #billsbarandburger #skinnypignyc #vegan

When you don’t know how to do relationships so you just stay in a polyamorous one with food. If you haven’t been to @theospreybk yet, you need to make that a priority. Everything was beautiful - from the decor to the food to the views. Located in the @1hotels BK Bridge where they found what heaven smells like and put it in the vents. Seriously why does it smell so good in there?! More on #instagramstories 🙌🏼🖤🐷 #theospreybk #1hotelbrooklynbridge #skinnypignyc

This is my idea of a romantic night by the fire, tbh. And when bacon is everything, you go to #baconfest. Had such a fantastic time hosting at @zeppelinhall with my friends: bacon, bacon mac and cheese, bacon burgers, and bacon poutine. Oh and the human friends were ok too 😜 Seriously, thanks everyone for coming out to Jers and slugging bacon and beer like a champ with me. And thanks to @chefrancorobazetti for killin the game. Baconfest runs til Feb 4th so GET ON IT. More pics on the blog link in bio 🙌🏼🥓🍻🐷 #baconfest #skinnypignyc #bacon #macandcheese #zeppelinhall

Back in NYC and its a wintry mix of vodka sauce and cheese. If that rained from the sky it wouldn’t be pretty but goddamn would it be delicious. Thanks @artichokepizza for delivering by the slice 🙌🏼🍕🐷 #artichokepizza #pizza #skinnypignyc #vodkapie

Sorry, #meatlessmonday. Is it weird that I’m considering having this printed and hanging it over my bed? If you happen to visit Austin, I encourage you to bring a cot and/or sleeping bag and set up camp at @la_barbecue. If I’m being totally honest, I would never again wait 2 hours for food, because that’s just cruel and I’m from NYC we don’t wait for shit. But when in Texas, with good beer and a good crew, I was given the strength. Not to mention it really was incredible. That brisket...holy hell. Amazing weekend celebrating w @chelsmward and some old and new friends. 🦄 You all were the meat to my potato salad. Now if you need me I’ll be sleeping for the next 2 days 😴🌈🔥🍖🐷 #labarbecue #bbq #skinnypignyc #austin

Take a picture it’ll last longer. Seriously because this was probably the last day I could wear this dress. The unicorn slash rainbow birthday celebration for my beautiful bestie @chelsmward in Austin has been so fun and so fat. I think we’ve all been on 2-hour feeding schedules since we got here. I have no voice, I have no waist, but the one thing I do have is a truly amazing best friend who rolls with pretty amazing people 🖤 And no amount of juice cleansing can take that away from me. This was a weekend to remember, kids. Catch more on #instagramstories and thanks so much to @svedkavodka @highbrewcoffee and @mymomochiicecream for keeping us energized 🙌🏼🦄🌈🐷 #chelseasdirty30 #chelsmunicorn #skinnypignyc #austin

Scouring Austin whilst hungover and stumbled upon some true Texas eats at @bigfatgreekgyros. Ok but seriously this is one of the best gyros I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of gyros in my day. Including ones from the motherland. Ya heard it here first. Stay tuned for more on #instagramstories 🙌🏼🇬🇷🔥🐷 #bigfatgreekgyros #austin #skinnypignyc #gyros

Happy #FriedDay! I’m heading to #Austin for the weekend to celebrate my girl @chelsmward turning the big 3-0! Last time I was there, this was the first thing I ate: a glorious fried shrimp roll from @perlassouthcongress - think I can top that this year? Life is all about setting personal goals, people. I just prefer to eat mine. Follow along on #instagramstories bc there’s about 15 of us and it’s a unicorn rainbow theme and holy hell it’s gonna be like Spring Break 2018 up in here. 🙌🏼🌈🤷🏻‍♀️🦄🐷 #perlassouthcongress #shrimproll #skinnypignyc #skinnypigtravels

#tbt to bacon. That’s not really a throwback bc this happens often. BUT if you want to come eat ALLLLL the bacon w me, it’s happening at #BaconFest at @zeppelinhall in Jersey City Wednesday, Jan 17th! I’ll be there holdin it down with brews and bacon in hand. COME THRU BACON FAM. 🙌🏼🥓🍻🐷 #zeppelinhall #bacon #skinnypignyc #beer

Ramen feels. Speaking of...it’s feeling like Spring over here, being 30 degrees and all. Statistics will show that you can still enjoy ramen, even in this current heatwave we’re having. Get it all month long at @flipsigi 🙌🏼🍜🐷 #flipsigi #ramen #skinnypignyc #noodlepull

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