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CHRIS 💯LETS DO IT💯  On a journey from skinny to pumped! oh so many pitfalls! Follow for Weekly schedules, story's and reviews on the daily!! Check out the blog for more!

Discover the importance of rest to gain bigger muscle mass on my blog! Link in the bioooo

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DAMN. If you havent heard it yet, TF YOU DOING!! For more follow @skinnyguyshealth

May as well just end it all huh!

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"When we learn with pleasure, we never forget." Alfred Mercier. Perfect day to improve yourself, get to work!

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I started my journey at a measly 137.2lb and today achieved my target (for now) of a much more respectable 154lb! We keep going!! Check my blog for my story! Link in the bio boiii!! Any tips or questions, just ask!

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So obvious!

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Know the feeling? Check out my story of the pros/cons of having a gym buddy!! Link in the bio boiiii!! For more follow @skinnyguyshealth

Let me know what you think in the comments! Go onnnn

Check out my review of My Pre! Incredible stuff
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Want those dream legs like this bird here? Check out my fast workout! Link in the bio!

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Hilarious from the guys @gym_hype_official

Need pre workout to get you pumped for the gym??? Check put my review of the top 5 pre workouts on the market, all on my site! Link in the bio!!

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