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Michelle  Skincare enthusiast•Trying to find what works for my skin: cystic acne/dark spots/redness. Lover of books, the ocean, laughter, and so much more 🌟

Since I'm doing the #10products10days challenge my skincare routines are the same every day. So, I thought I would do a post on my most used lip products! 💋
I'm a huge fan of the 'my lips but better' look so a lot of these are just a pinky/nude .
@glossier cherry for a pop of color and Coconut for a quick bit of shine. I also like to put the Coconut one over top of any actual lipstick I might wear. Keep lips pretty hydrated
@lanolips new obsession 🙌🏻 this and the @nuxe_us reverse miel are my bedtime favorites. Extremely Hydrating and the Nuxe has a bit of exfoliating action going on which is a nice plus!
@karigranskin Lip Whip in cinnamon
@freshbeauty in Rosé
@figsandrougeuk Lemon Berry. This is such a fun, summery pop of color
@arrow Boost. A bit like the Dior Lip Glow...custom color
@freshbeauty Nourishing Lip Balm
@akarskin Lip Butter. This was in the June Art of Organics box and I've really come to love it. Moisturizing with a nice ruby tint.
@hurrawbalm Green Tea. These are great for throwing in your purse, car, wherever just to have them when you're out and about. •
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July 2 PM Routine

I didn't make the conscious decision to participate in the #10products10days but when I got looking over my routine for the five days, I realized I've been using the same routine (with an addition here or there) and my skin is doing great! This is usually a bad time of the month because *hormones* 😑but this routine has kept most issues at bay. I'm traveling a bit in the next week so only having to choose from these products will make packing easier😊
The products on the left of the picture are my consistent PM routine.
@biologique_recherche_usa Lait U Cleanser. I am absolutely loving this milky cleanser. I use it for a double cleanse and it does not leave my skin feeling stripped; only calm and fresh and ready for any products that come after it.
@leahlaniskincare Regenerating Toner. There is citrus and citrine in this toner which can help purify and hydrate the skin. The smell is amazing too.
@misshaus FTE
@odacite Bl+C. 2-3 drops patted into the skin, followed by 3-4 drops of Pa+G patted into the skin.
@biossance Squalene + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer and the Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel.
The three items on the right of the picture are add ons, depending on how my skin is feeling.
@drunkelephantskincare TLC Sukari Babyfacial, used when some exfoliation needs to happen.
@janescrivnerskincare Skin Elixir for extra hydration
@caudalie Overnight Detox Oil for when I want to add another treatment. This always calms my skin and I wake up with a glow ⭐️
My AM Routine consists of the cleanser, moisturizer, eye gel, and spf (which I just now realized I didn't add to the pile and brings me up to 11 products 🤦🏼‍♀️)
I've enjoyed all the posts on this 10 product challenge...Such a great idea @beautyandthemountains !

A little bit late but wanted to participate in @lpetitesfleurs #SkincareTop10. I loved seeing everyone's choices!
My top 10:
@jordansamuelskin Plié Treatment Cleanser
@janescrivnerskincare Nourishing Cleansing Balm (I tried to stick to one item from each skincare step but both of these cleansers are at the absolute top of my list so couldn't leave either one out!😃)
@biossance Squalene + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer. I just started using this last week but it has rocketed to the top of my summer moisturizer list. Hydrating without being oily 🙌🏻
@caudalie Overnight Detox Oil.
@maycoopmy Raw Sauce (essence)
@drunkelephantskincare TLC Sukari Babyfacial
@biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel
@provinceapothecary Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment
@maylindstromskin The Honey Mud
@janescrivnerskincare Skin Elixir
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•Mini Review•
Biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel

My thoughts: I have tried A. LOT. of eye creams, gels, treatments, etc and never have I fallen in love with one quite as much as I have with this. I've been using it for 8 weeks now and love the results.
It's hydrating, doesn't sting my sensitive eyes, has no smell, and, best of all, has significantly helped with my under eye circles. I have actually forgotten to put concealer on under my eyes because the dark circles are just not as prominent. Makeup does sit well over this, no creasing or slipping. I have sensitive eyes with oily lids and this doesn't make the lids any more oily and doesn't make my eyes water.
I also like to use this in the mornings, as it's lightweight enough and has a brightening effect that makes me look more alert (I can't drink coffee so I need all the help I can get in that department!)
I like the pump packaging. It's hygienic and pumps an appropriate amount onto your finger.
Overall, so happy with this eye gel and will definitely be repurchasing when this one does run out. I bought this at Sephora for $54 for 15 ml (0.5 oz).

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June 22 PM Routine

Last nights routine worked really well on my dehydrated skin so I'm pretty much just keeping it the same tonight! Added in an essence for another layer of hydration.
@jordansamuelskin Plié Treatment Cleanser. Used as a double cleanse.
@maycoopmy Raw Sauce (I could not find my travel size of this but, because I love it so much and find it really great after being on a plane, I packed my full size bottle 😄)
@jordansamuelskin Hydrate Serum
@biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel
@provinceapothecary Advanced Spot Treatment applied to two spots along my jaw line.
@biossance Squalene + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer. •
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June 21 PM Routine

Keeping it simple and all about hydration tonight. My skin is definitely feeling parched. I think it's from being in air conditioned places as I haven't started any new products that would be considered drying. And I get on a plane tomorrow which won't help matters!
@jordansamuelskin Plié Treatment Cleanser. Double cleansed with this. Left the second application on as a mask and showered in a lukewarm shower (hot water can make skin more dry). I then (and this is extremely wasteful but I only did it for a couple minutes 🙈) got out of the shower and turned it to hot and let the bathroom get all steamy which softened my skin and let the goodness of this mask soak in. I patted the rest of the mask off with a very soft washcloth.
@jordansamuelskin Hydrate Serum, tapped into skin.
@biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel taken all around the orbital bone.
@biossance Squalene + Probiotic Moisturizer. First time using this. Maybe not the smartest thing to use a new skincare item when your skin is not feeling itself but the ingredients sound really good and I'm loving the consistency of it-very gel like, has an almost cooling feeling and has absorbed nicely but my skin still feels hydrated! 👍🏻

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June 20 PM Routine

@tataharperskincare Purifying Cleanser. Used as a double cleanse.
@leahlaniskincare Balancing Toner
@janescrivnerskincare Un-Condition Oil
@biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel
@stratiaskin Liquid Gold mixed with @jordansamuelskin Hydrate for a lovely moisturizer. 💥

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June 19 PM Routine

@jordansamuelskin Plié Treatment Cleanser. Used as a double cleanse.
@maylindstromskin The Honey Mud mixed with The Problem Solver and a bit of The Jasmine Garden (np). Let the mask sit for about 30 min then showered the mask off.
@caudalie Overnight Detox Oil
@jordansamuelskin Hydrate
@biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel

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June 15 PM Routine

@oneloveorganics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil
@janescrivnerskincare Nourishing Cleansing Balm
@maylindstromskin The Jasmine Garden. Finally picked up the full size of this mist. The smell is divine and I love the fact it contains colloidal silver.
@janescrivnerskincare Skin Elixir
@janescrivnerskincare Un-Condition Oil. Three small drops tapped into skin and sealed in with the OO Cream!

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June 14 PM Routine

It's been busy so, more often than not, this has been my go to routine the last two weeks!
@jordansamuelskin Plié Treatment Cleanser for a double cleanse. I will sometimes leave this on as a mask in the shower (can you say 'glow!''s amazing). About every 2-3 nights I will mix it with @maylindstromskin The Clean Dirt for a gentle exfoliation and let it wash off in the shower.
@joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
@provinceapothecary Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum, applied while the JR mist is still damp. Let absorb for about 10 min.
@provinceapothecary Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment applied to any existing or emerging pimples.
@biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel
@jordansamuelskin Hydrate mixed with @katesomervilleskincare Goat Milk Moisturizer for the perfect summer bedtime moisturizer. I've been finding the Kate Somerville moisturizer too oily to use during the day now that the heat and humidity are here to stay. However, I'm loving it at night mixed with JSS Hydrate to cut down on some of the oiliness but still wake up with that soft, hydrated skin feel 🙌🏻

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June 9 PM Routine

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
@jordansamuelskin Double cleanse. Left on as a mask while in the shower (this is dynamite 💥)
@leahlaniskincare Regenerating Toner
@provinceapothecary Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum
@jordansamuelskin Hydrate

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June 4 AM Routine *after night shift*

The hospital air just wreaks havoc on my skin. I can go in for my shift with my skin looking good and emerge 12 hours later with dry patches, oil slicks, new pimples, etc. Even with a nice hydrating routine before going to work my skin still reacts this way. When I get home it's all about hydration, rebalancing and calming (both my skin and my mind! 😄)
@oneloveorganics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleanser. Such a great cleanser. I know I can rely on this to get the grime of a 12 hour shift off my face. And the scent always calms me.
@tataharperskincare Purifying Cleanser. As I've stated in other posts I've been trying to use this up as it's just not my favorite. It is a good cleanser though and always leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped.
@leahlaniskincare Regenerating Toner. This has quickly made its way onto my 'favorites' list. It contains neroli which, in addition to its skincare benefits, is also known to contain grounding and relaxing aromatherapy benefits!
@misshaus FTE
@maylindstromskin The Youth Dew. I always look forward to coming home and putting this on my skin. It's such a treat. It's calming, hydrating, repairing, and rebalancing.
@sundayriley Good Genes. I don't always use this after night shift as it is an exfoliant (lactic acid) but, for my skin, it is gentle. Plus, lactic acid is one of the more hydrating acids. I know I'll wake up my glowing skin.
@biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel
@katesomervilleskincare Goat Milk Moisturizer •
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