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Your career story is a huge part of who you are. Learn how to tell it masterfully and know which details are most important to include!📚👍🏻

Let’s talk about being a solutions based job seeker. What problems do your skills solve? Once you figure that out, you are golden ✨

As @chuckpalahniuk once wrote “When you understand, that what you're telling is just a story. It isn't happening anymore. When you realize the story you're telling is just words, when you can just crumble up and throw your past in the trashcan, then we'll figure out who you're going to be.” As the end of the year rolls around, say “peace out” to all excuses and negativity. Face the New Year with the “I can and I will” outlook. Tell us one negative thought you will be throwing into the trash can in the next 10 days! 💭

It is not cocky to believe that you WILL succeed.

Our friend Leah said something BRILLIANT today. "Job satisfaction is crucial to your life."
So we ask all of our friends who are currently extremely happy in their jobs, what is your motivating factor?
And to all of our friends who aren't happy, what would make you happier?
Let's start a conversation!

It’s okay to try on different hats and to dream a variety of dreams. You never know what passion you will find along your journey!

As you’re coming home and thinking of something useful to get your family members, and loved ones, please consider giving them the gift of a new job.
We are offering 25% off this Black Friday through the end of Cyber Monday. We help people discover their skills, develop their career stories and find their dream jobs. If you can’t use this, please consider sharing this post with your friends in case they are currently in need of our services.
With Small Biz Saturday happening tomorrow, we’d really appreciate everyone’s support!

Tag the person you’re most thankful for!

Sometimes, the most important thing is self 💗. The more you love yourself, the more confident you are. And confidence inspires you to work hard, accomplish your goals and to ultimately #win

A small lesson to put in perspective that every closed door 🚪 is a new door opened.
Blockbuster refused to buy Netflix (Netflix was literally laughed out of the meeting) for $50 million.
- Netflix is now worth $64.7 BILLION. (And where is Blockbuster?) MySpace rejected Facebook's original purchase price.
- Facebook is now worth $439 BILLION.
(And where is MySpace?) George Bell, then CEO of Excite, refused to buy Google for $750,000.
- Google is now worth $641 BILLION.
(And where is Excite?) Ross Perot refused to buy into Microsoft for $60 million.
- Microsoft is now worth $507.5 BILLION.
(And where is Ross Perot?) When people say NO to you, just keep going! You're worth MORE than you know and your time is coming.

We are excited to announce that our career advice has been featured in an article in @bustle written by the talented @msemmamcg! #linkinbio

What's your favorite thing to do on a Sunday? Ours is of course to BRUNCH! 🍊

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