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SKILLTWINS OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM  ⚽️ | Twin YouTubers "SkillTwins" 😃 | 2 Million YouTube Subscribers 📬 | ⬇️ | VIDEO DOWN BELOW!

Where do you want us to travel next? 🌎😁
We really enjoyed this train with awesome comfort & service, Thank you so much @Mtrexpress & we can't wait for future travels! 😍🚝
#SkillTwins #Football #Twins #Travel #Mtrexpress

Just finished an awesome day at the @adidassverige #TangoLeague Tournament event in Sweden, Stockholm! 👊⚽️😃 We played Panna Games against skillful football talents along with our amazing friends @emilfreestyle87 & Martin Mutumba (@Programledaren) and it was fire! We went undefeated and will upload some really nice content soon so stay tuned! We were also skill judges over the event and decided wich players who where the best in the tournament which was so much fun! It was also cool to take over the @adidasfootball global Snapchat account for a while! A big Congratulations to the winner... It's Showtime! 💪 // @SkillTwins #SkillTwins #tangoleague #Football #Skills #SkillTwins

Awsome message and opportunity for all Swedish footballers: @adidasfootball is arranging a mega 4 vs 4 tournament on the 16th - 17th april in Annexet in Stockholm. ⚽🙌
Sign up your team now to the Tango League!
You will meet us, compete for a sponsorship contract with adidas and have the chance to win tickets to the Champions League final. 💫🏆
Sign up on
Link in bio! 👊

Missa inte när @adidasfootball fixar årets 4-mot-4 turnering den 16-17 april på Annexet i Stockholm. Anmäl dig och ditt lag nu till Tango League och få chansen att träffa oss och möjligheten att tävla om biljetter till CL-finalen och produktavtal med @adidasfootball. Anmäl er på
#TangoLeague #Football #adidasfootball #SkillTwins #Firstneverfollow #Fotboll #Tekkers #Skills #tournament #Stockholm #Win

We just made this INSTA VLOG! ⚽️
Thank you to everyone that came to our latest SkillTwins Event. Your support was just amazing and the welcome we received was just fantastic! 😁🙏⚽️
We met so many awesome fans and had a meet & greet. Then they got to meet us in Panna Games. 😃
We went undefeated by winning 20 games out of 20! 😎 But the skills that the challenging players had were incredible... You all impressed us! 👊
Thank you to everyone involved in this great event.
Comment if you were there & enjoyed it!👇
// @SkillTwins #SkillTwins #Football #Fans #Vlog #PannaGames #Meet&Greet #Tricks #Skills #bålstacentrum @haboffherrar @haboff

👑It was an honor to meet and get know the Prince of Sweden, Prince Daniel. Turns out that he has seen many of our videos and like them. Very inspirational. 🙏
The reason why we met with Prince Daniel was that we were invited to his project where 100 hand picked entrepreneurs of Sweden came together to learn, talk and inspire each other. 👊 It was also so much fun that the Swedish Royal Family shared a picture on us on their Instagram yesterday @kungahuset - We are so grateful. ❤️ // @SkillTwins #SkillTwins #PrinsDaniel #Kungahuset #prinsdanielsentreprenörsdag #prinsdanielfellowship

What an awsome day for football! ⚽💪
We love gathering friends and have some fun on the pitch! 😃
We decided to check out who's around and up for some football practice on @badoo. We started talking to Calle, he is now joining our next session!
Tag friends that you play football with! 👇
#badoo #SkillTwins #football #peoplenearby 😄️ #training

Click the link in our bio @skilltwins to see our most meaningful video ever ❤️It's a Tribute to our amazing fan Milton. We decide to dress up ourselves and surprise him on a restaurant. All ad revenue from the video goes to "Children Cancer Foundation" to help fight cancer ❤️ Make sure to follow him and leave some awesome comments on his incredible skills: @milton_jstromqvist That would mean the world for us ❤️ #FUCKCANCER #SkillTwins #Football @SkillTwins

TODAY IS OUR 21st BIRTHDAY! 🎉😃 Thanks to hard work, sleepless nights, countless amount of training hours and your amazing support made us pursuit almost all of our dreams in only 21 years. Together we have created so many memories along the way. With everything from meeting our idols, to be able to travel around the world with our passion.

It's been 5 years since we created SkillTwins, who first was a vision and now we are living our dream with it. We're inspiring millions of people around the world now. Our life is truly an adventure.
We have been in tough situations with everything from injuries and other difficult situations but together we have always pushed eachother to come back stronger than ever before. It's all about never giving up!

We want to thank all of our incredible fans for the support, without you guys we would not be where we're today. Thank you for all the amazing congratulate comments/fan art/pictures you have made today! We try our best to notice everything you does and we are forever grateful for your support. Let's continue this amazing journey bro... Imagine all the unforgettable memories we will talk to when we are old... IT'2 SHOWT1ME! ❤️🙌 // @SkillTwins, @JosefElzein & @JakobElzein #SkillTwins #Twins

Congratulations our brother @poldi_official for your amazing GOAL at your last International game! 🏆😍🎉💪 You are a legend and we can't wait to meet you again! 😎⚽️ @skilltwins #LukasPodolski #Podolski #Football #Skills #Tricks #SkillTwins #tschöpoldi #Poldi #adidasfootball

Thank you so much @Nintendo @Bergsala for the awesome Nintendo Switch! 😍🎮We played it for the whole weekend with our beloved family and it was so much fun, what's your favourite Nintendo game? 😎 // @SkillTwins #Bergsala #Nintendoswitch #Nintendo #SkillTwins

It feels amazing to be the youngest who have ever won this award and to break the vote record in this awards history! 👊 Thank you everyone who voted for us! ❤️ We work day and night with developing our brand and building our social media and it feels so nice to be rewarded after all the hard work we put in. In our thank you speech we thanked our amazing family and our fantastic fans for the support! 🙏 Even though we were the youngest among the nominated we won the prize. That shows that age doesn't matter, what matters is hard work! Go for your dream now! It's ShowTime! ⚽️ // @SkillTwins #åretsmarknadsförare #guldstänk #SkillTwins @guldstank

Right now we are at the "Guldstänk Awards" where we have a chance to win a prize so we are really excited at the moment! 😁🏆 The winners will be presented soon so stay tuned🎖... // @SkillTwins, @Josefelzein & @JakobElzein #SkillTwins #Guldstänk @guldstank

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