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Did you know that today is the 33rd anniversary of the @royaltyrrell? See if you can spot the tie-in in our Sheet Metal Video! Related jobs in Sheet Metal include HVAC installations, Refrigeration, steel fabrication and more! #ABisSkilled #tradecareers #tradejobs #sheetmetal #skilledtrades #spotthedinosaur

“The best part of my journey so far has been dealing with the pressure that comes with competitions. It feels like I’ve accomplished something great.” Learn more about Plumbing Team Canada Prospect Taylor Oliver-McCallum.

It’s time to feature another PSCC competition area - Precision Machining! Related jobs include machinists in manufacturing, transportation, maintenance and service. #ABisSkilled #skilledtrades #tradecareers #tradejobs #machining #machinist #precisionmachining

“It’s a great feeling knowing that there is a possibility that I will be representing our country in Autobody Repair. I enjoy Autobody because every day is different, no two days are the same." Muhammad Afzal is the Team Canada Prospect in Autobody Repair.

“The best part of this journey so far has been testing what I know and learning more in the competitions.” Check out our bio on the IT Network Team Canada Prospect Anjesh Shrestha.

“What I like about Cabinet Making is the intricacy of things. There’s a lot of challenges to overcome and problems to solve. Nothing is ever easy or ever the same. I enjoy the challenge.” Learn more about Taylor Desjardin's journey to becoming the Team Canada Prospect for Cabinet Making.

“I like the problem solving of it all. When you’re working on programming something, and you get to see it move in real life and do what it’s meant to do, that’s pretty rewarding.” Alexander Wilkinson from SAIT joins teammate Laine as Team Canada's Mechatronics Prospect.

“I thoroughly enjoy putting things together and knowing how things work. It’s really awesome to see something that you’ve torn down and re-built actually work.” Laine Van Hardeveld makes up one half of Canada's Mechatronics Prospect Team from @sait

“I enjoy Electrical because it’s a challenge. It’s almost like putting together a puzzle every day, which I like working on.” Learn more about Red Deer College apprentice Eric Koster's journey to Team Canada Prospect in Electrical Installations!

Registration for Cardboard Boat Races is officially open! Register your junior high or high school team today! #ABisSkilled #cardboard #boatrace #races #race #cardboardboat #build #backtoschool #juniorhigh #highschool #CTS #CTF

“It’s absolutely amazing being a Team Canada Prospect. There are a lot of people trying to get to where we are now. So it’s a great feeling.” Check out the bio on Team Canada Refrigeration Prospect, Cassidy Lindseth!

Cardboard Boat Race registration opens tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.! Teachers, make sure you have your login ready. Don't have a login yet? Register as a Skills School! #cardboard #boatrace #cardboardboatrace #backtoschool #CTF #CTS #juniorhigh #highschool #trades #technologies #building #design

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