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Skid Robot  An anonymous artist among the streets of skidrow, giving to those in need. Creating a dialogue for a solution to extreme poverty through art.

Hey y’all,
It’s been a minute since I’ve produced any new content on the streets however this doesn’t mean
that things aren’t developing behind the scenes for the bigger picture.

The projects aim is to be part of the housing solution, to inspire the public to take positive action and to change the perception on homelessness through art.

I appreciate all of you who still ride with me and continue to hold me down on instagram even tho I don’t post all the time.
I’d rather give you something from the heart over some hype beast type of post on the daily to get likes and followers.
I took this photo with @b4_flight on a mission in #dtla a couple years back . He’s a talented photographer and a fellow advocate who’s passionate about the homeless issue. Check his page for the latest
All my love to everyone who has love for me, may we all come together and start building a better tomorrow, today... #artwillsavetheworld

Important conversations taking place with @maryrenouf
@psjh @wellbeing_trust
over at @dashradio about the homeless issue and how we all can be part of the #solution...stay tuned!

This staggering statistic is a bleak reminder of the ever growing #losangeleshousingcrisis
The timeline that elected officials are working on is not meeting the desperate needs of the problem by any measure.
Read the full article @latimes

Something a lil different for the good people over @shakenvanitystudios in Echo Park...

Happy Sunday!

Today, I wanted to share with y'all that it's been nearly 4 years of working on "The Skid Robot Project".
It's been an amazing experience that continues to unfold in the most fantastic ways.
In these 4 years, I've lost and gained quite a bit through different challenges & circumstances that have made me, broke me, then ultimately made me stronger.

Love, family, friendship, and finance have their up and downs, they come and go, and the only constant in the process is change and transformation.
The Skid Robot Project has been a labor of love for me and
to keep the fire burning, the gears turning and the artwork being produced.
I'm humbly asking my community for support.

I'm making an open print run of the "Love Bot " piece to raise money for the project.
It's available now on the big cartel store (Link in bio) (The original piece on canvas is also for sale, DM if interested.) Other ways to support the project is visiting the Etsy store and favoriting the shop or donating as much as $1 a month to the Patreon. Links to both sites can be found at

As always, thanks to everyone for all the love and support over the years and I’m looking forward to what the future holds in store for this project.


#Repost @supportkind with @get_repost
KIND Statement: Trump Executive Order = Indefinite Detention If Immigrant Children in Jail-like Conditions.
President Trump’s Executive Order would allow the United States to hold immigrant children in jail-like conditions for an indefinite period of time and is a complete nonstarter.
We cannot be a nation that puts immigrant children in jail and throws away the key. Saying that the Executive Order is an end to family separation is a cynical misrepresentation that has nothing to do with the well-being of families and is another act of abject cruelty towards immigrant children.

For those wanting to take action on the matter, beyond the keyboard and social media... #Repost @honeypowerla with @get_repost
Here are ways you can help the families that are being separated and children placed in camps under Trump’s zero tolerance policy:
Call companies profiting from children being torn from their parents: 888-342-1135.
Email contractors who are coordinating the children’s concentration camps:
General Dynamics
Southwest Key Programs.
Urge policymakers to support the following: • H.R. 2572 - Protect Family Values at the Border Act. • H.R. 5950/S.2937 – the HELP Separated Children Act. • H.R. 2043/S. 2468 - Fair Day in Court for Kids Act of 2018 • Appropriations legislation and report language that would prevent blanket and inhumane family separation practices, and track when, where, and how often family separation occurs.
Rally on Saturday July 21 10AM-2PM at he Families Belong Together March at MacArthur Park #keepfamiliestogether

They can afford to spend tax dollars on detaining them, however, not enough to provide a descent shelter?

This is mass psychological warfare against people from south of the border, primarily Central America.

The traumatic effects on these young children and their families can’t be measured by statistics.
Any political or religious view point on this matter has no bearing, the undeniable truth is that, this is simply wrong & entirely #unacceptable

Thankful for the opportunity to have been able to talk to @thebullmag @pierce_college about the art and share with their students the vision and ambitions of the project.

You can check it out online!

A #lostfiles throwback for this Thursday afternoon...

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