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Skid Robot  An anonymous artist among the streets of skidrow, giving to those in need. Creating a dialogue for a solution to extreme poverty through art.

Health is a human right – for everyone. There shouldn’t be any exceptions. So that’s why I’m joining @psjh to send a message to the federal government against a major #immigration proposal. It could result in millions – yes millions – of legal immigrants dropping out of #Medicaid coverage. Sending a message is easy – check out the link. #HealthisAHumanRight #EveryPersonMatters

Throwback to this piece from the #urbancampers series with @planetofthetreez up in #thebay

Somewhere out in the city... I gifted this install to a man named Bobby, he didn’t want his photo taken. He’s looking for work and was afraid of being discriminated against for being homeless.

If you see this install,there is an original #skidrobot painting up for grabs. Just donate the money to Bobby to help him out with his situation and hopefully he’ll find a job!


It’s always a pleasure to paint for @warnermusic
Sometimes you’re flush,
Sometimes you’re bust..
But the game goes on.

Look out 2019, we comin... #skidrobot

We’ve been going through a lot right now, spread love and positivity for the healing of our golden state. 💛

💔🤖 #RepostPlus @everyonein_la
- - - - - -
At last night’s “Stories from thr Frontline” event, we heard from a number of formerly homeless youth - a powerful reminder of how experiencing homelessness can impact every aspect of a kid’s life, and how housing, services, and compassionate support can reverse that trajectory for good. November is Homeless Youth Awareness Month - what are you doing to make sure that every child in Los Angeles has a safe, stable home? (link to full LAist article on our Twitter and FB) #EveryoneIn

Flashback to this piece at the @polasekmuseum for a special event with my good friend and ally Tom Rebman aka #thehomelessteacher
The piece reflects the issues of alcoholism, domestic abuse and broken homes.

It’s currently on display in Florida at a church thanks to Tom.

Looking forward to our next collaboration!

🗣PSA: Your Vote Matters!

This isn’t just a tall stack of pallets,
It’s potential for the next series of installs.

I’ve got some ideas for these pallets but need help funding them.
They make a solid base but I still need materials like caster wheels, paneling,
Hardware, etc.

I have a Patreon set up if anyone would like to donate a buck or 2 monthly to help fund the art.

I’ll be releasing some new merch soon so stay tuned!

#droids for #humanity
Available at tonight’s event

Thoughts from an elementary school student 💡

Repost: @nolympicsla
There’s still time to RSVP
For tonight’s event at @becore
Hit the link in their page!

Roll through!

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