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Matthew Sutton  Illustrator & storyteller for hire! Official Star Wars, Marvel & DC Comics artist! www.patreon.com/sketchbooks Orlando, FL. Join #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS πŸ‘‡


"The Courken... nasty little critters. Teeth like razorblades and lightning quick in the water. They love to sniff out the gold hidden in a ship and eat their way through the hull to steal ( and later eat) the loot!" - The Seafarers Compendium, pg. 394
More doodles for the #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS! This one will be the last for this weeks prompt... but what will next weeks prompt be? πŸ€” #quicksketch #makestuffup #conceptart #matthewsutton #sketchbooks

"The Witches of the Brine Trench are said to have once been the beautiful handmaidens of Neptunes daughter. It is not known what caused Neptune to curse their form and banish them to the depths of the trench but the people of Atlantis suspect they had conspired to overthrow the king." - Lore of the Trench #quicksketch #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS #practice #draweveryday #illistration #monsters

"The heirloom gem, eons dormant, shone brighter and brighter as she neared the surface. Calling her ever closer to the volcanic land above the oceans... a vicious and unforgiving place." - Giaanas Ascent; Atlantien Folklore
Here's a sketch based on this weeks drawing prompt in #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS! Mer-people are some interesting things to try to draw. Ya gotta pick and choose what elements keep it looking humanoid while making it look sleek and suitable for agile swimming. At least that's my approach. Join up and draw with us all in Sketchbooks Corps just by hitting the link in my profile! #mermaid #merfolk #watercolor #swimming #makestuffup #conceptart

"Phyresprytes are notorious for hoarding coal. Some speculate they enjoy the challenge of carrying the coal to their hovels quickly before they burn to ash." - Spryte Collector's Compendium, pg. 489
I'm actually going to break in my new art space with some commission work tonight!!! I'm waaay beyond excited to be able to say that. I've been living out of boxes and feeding my art needs solely with sketchbook doodles like this for the past couple weeks! Fortunately #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS is in full swing and the prompts have been keeping me occupied and drawing daily despite having a less than stellar work space. If you're interested in joining Sketchbooks Corps, the FREE drawing group too just hit the link in my profile! #conceptart #fire #littleguy #heskindacute #cartoony #sketchbooks #matthewsutton #draweveryday #artlife #backtowork

"It is said that if one's will to command flame burns with the vigor of an inferno then the fire will acquiesce to your will. But if you should fail it will consume you." -The Pyromancers Gambit
Another doodle down. Looking forward to getting back to my real work but, staying sharp thanks to my sketchbooks! #pyromancer #magic #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS #sketchbooks #matthewsutton #quicksketch

So the great home migration of 2018 is done! Well almost... gotta unpack ALL the things still but we've put in some serious work to make our new place a home. Big thanks to my friends @ethnicfoodsaisle and @conlinnovak for swooping in like superheroes to make the move bearable! This quick sketch is from #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS current weekly prompt so if you need drawing inspiration, motivation, and education then sign up! (link in my profile!) #movingproblems #conceptart #sketchbooks #matthewsutton #dogofwar #bountyhunter #quicksketch #artistoninstagram #pewpew

I'm short on time currently from dealing with all the moving stuff but here's a little ink and color I added to my new rocket pack clad friend here! This drawing prompt for #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS has been a blast (see what I did there? πŸ€“) so hit the link in my profile to come draw with us! #quicksketch #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS #red #jetpack #iwantonetoo #flight #illustration #pinup #rocketchick

Quick little Rocket-Chick doodle for this weeks prompt in #SKETCHBOOKSCORPS ! I am still packing for the move in a few days. It's really amazing and eye-opening how many comics, art books, etc I have collected over the years. Many of these books have lived with me in like 4 different states over the course of 15+ years. I had to carry many by hand (and backpack) just to keep them safe for long long periods of time lol. These things are my friends in a way and it's nice to see them again. Looking forward to displaying them all in my new art studio soon. Oh well... back to packing I go #pleasehelp #somanythingstopack #softlycrying #sketchysketch #rocketchick #movingproblems

Ok so #SketchbooksCorps is in full swing and here's my best creation from week 1's drawing prompt which was: MONSTER! The group has really taken to the concepts well and everyone is really awesome and doing imaginative drawings. So if you're interested in having an artistically safe place to bounce ideas off growing artists, learning, and drawing more than you probably ever have too then just hit the link in my profile and I will personally add you! Also, sorry for lack or posts I'm moving and it's just been hectic. But, I'll get back to posting regularly soon so thanks for bearing with me! πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ¨πŸ‘Š #drawingprompt #monster #drawingchallenge #levelup #concept #sketchbooks #matthewsutton #sketchysketch #mountains #dragons

#SKETCHBOOKSCORPS is off to an amazing start already thanks in part to our friends @airshipnotebooks that have graciously supplied a hefty discount to their products just for us! They designed my favorite sketchbook on earth the AlphaSketch Notebook! Swipe to see some of my sketches and doodles in it. To get the discount code just hit the link in my profile or search Sketchbooks Corps on Facebook! If you're looking to level up your art this year the Sketchbooks Corps is ready to help you do it! #gambit #conceptart #storm #xmen #ororomunroe #thankyou #sketchbooks #draweveryday

#SKETCHBOOKSCORPS is up and running! If you're interested in leveling up your art skills or just need some art company to sketch with and help you stay motivated then join the Corps! Hop on Facebook and search for Sketchbooks Corps and I'll add you into the group. This will be a long term investment in YOURSELF and your ARTWORK. We'll be working in our sketchbooks daily with weekly prompts to help us stay moving forward. 2018 is going to he a great year for us artists if we invest time in our skills. Let's do this... Sketchbooks Corps, ASSEMBLE!!! #sketch #illustration #drawing #practice #matthewsutton #sketchbooks

Wait a minute... can I just say how thankful I am for ALL of you??? I absolutely am! Look at all the love and support you have been kind enough to toss my way all year. Wow I am suuuper humbled. Seriously you guys make it easier to push through on the tough art days and motivate me to do my best on every sketch. You all have made 2017 my most productive year by FAR and I cannot thank you enough for it. I've got big plans for 2018 and I think you will like them my friends! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ¨πŸ‘Š #sketchbooks #thankyou #bestofnine2017 #amazed #myfollowersarethebest #draweveryday #sketchysketches #spiderman #batman #comics #logan #irongiant

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