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Rob Pavey  https://www.gertrudehawkchocolates.com/fund-raising/participants?act=fundraising&cmp_id=27018&mem_id=151328

#isodiecast. Anybody who broke a factory 2008 set might have this car. I believe it was released in 2008 with the other two variations of the same color. If you broke the setup please check to see if you have this car. Looking for it. If you know anybody who broke a 2008 factory reset hit them up for me please or at least give me there ig name so I can track them down#streetkingsdiecastcrew #diecasttakeover #whipscarshow #repost

Anyone out there going to a show or place that sells older Hot Wheels. I am looking for this specific car there are many variations of this casting but the one with the white paint and gold five star wheels as picture still eludes me. If you see this please pick it up for me. It will not be expensive as most people will see it as a regular main line. Again must have gold 5 spoke wheels just like in the picture. I know there are shows coming up like in Stockton California but if there are anywhere anywhere else please let me know. I have the harder ones to find like the ones that came in specialty packs and track sets and launcher sets. thank you#streetkingsdiecastcrew #diecasttakeover #whipscarshow #isodiecast

Trade w/ @ducci_hwhomie (his end). Damn the belair fell in the box, he said. Hate when that happens. Damn sweet brotha ty. My end will b there soon. Not sure how ima top urs
#streetkingsdiecastcrew #diecasttakeover #whipscarshow

HUUUUUGGGGEEEE!!!! shout out to Kevin aka @hotridesdiecast . Met up with him today to give him a pile of cars in cases he bought off me about a year ago. Coolest collector around. Did not rush to pick up the stuff or get the stuff. Finally got to meet him today after a year I've been talking to him on Instagram. He had a pile of cars to take home. It's going to take him a month to go through all that stuff. LOL everyone a Mustang. One of the biggest Mustang Enthusiast around. One hell of a guy. Glad to call him a friend. look forward the hanging out again one day soon. Enjoy all the cars. Thanks again for everything. If you're not following him you need to be.
#streetkingsdiecastcrew #diecasttakeover #whipscarshow

@cheddamic102 pallet raiding. B cases 2 super novas found. Congrats.
#streetkingsdiecastcrew #diecasttakeover #

HUUUUUGGGGEEEE!!!!! shout out to @mikes_collectibles711 for the flaming hottttttt af free giveaway. They r better in person. Ty ty ty. If you ain't following him, it's better for me then. LOL
#streetkingsdiecastcrew #whipscarshow #diecasttakeover

For sale DM if interested only. These are becoming extremely hard to find. PayPal only no holds. #streetkingsdiecastcrew #diecasttakeover #whipscarshow

Bad news for me, good news for you @mike_da_man_bat_man customs fans. I need to get some cash together quick so I'm going to put these out there. A steal at $65 each plus shipping for this lot or all 4 for $250 shipped. If I can't get any takers they will probably go up for re-raffle again. Dm interest. Paypal only no holds.
#streetkingsdiecastcrew #diecasttakeover #whipscarshow

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