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SkateXS Skateboards for Kids  High performance, lightweight, sustainable bamboo based Skateboards made specifically for kids age 5-10

Happy Monday! This is one sweet Pirate Pro SkateXS skateboard - our pro series are made with our high quality bamboo decks, reds bearings, bones bushings, thunder trucks and spitfire wheels! Happy Shredding! #kidsskater #skateboardingisfun #skateboarders #skateboarders

What a cool shot! Thanks so much for sharing! Brynna digging a summer sesh in NYC! #kidsskater #girlskater #kidsskateboarding #skateboardingisfun #skatergirl #skateboarders

Did you know our beginner series skateboards come with hollow king pin trucks? Making for a lighter but high performance ride for the beginner skateboarder. Happy Tuesday Shredding everybody! #kidsskater #skateboardingisfun #kidskateboards #skatergirl #skateboarders #gromlife

Woot! 5 year old Zara from Toronto rocking her new ride! Happy Monday Shredding! @jennieselsol #skatergirl #skateboarders #kidsskater #kidskateboards #skateboardingisfun

Did you know SkateXS has longboards sized just for groms? The right size longboard will support young riders in having fun and feeling in control. We have the same dedication to quality bamboo decks, components and proper sizing as we do with our skateboards. Happy Shredding!

Happy Monday! What Color wheels are on your ride? SkateXS beginner wheels are made for easy learning on rougher surfaces like driveways and sidewalks. Happy Shredding! #skateboardingisfun #kidsskater #skateboarders #kidskateboards

Happy Monday from the SkateXS Crew❗️First board of the day, Woot❗️#kidsskater #kidsskateboarding

What a fun selection of SkateXS skateboards being shipped today❗️Happy Shredding Everyone❗️

Happy Monday❗️Beautiful day here at the workshop, first board of the day. Happy Shredding❗️

Special Girls Skating event tomorrow April 14th at Encinitas Community Park. #Repost @skaterising
FREE and very special Skate Rising event focused on embracing who you are, for girls ages 4-18.

The Tea Collection @tea_collection will be sponsoring this special Skate Rising event on April 14th with the goal of celebrating and empowering youth!
• Hear from Tea Collection co-founder, Leigh Rawdon, and professional female skateboarder and @exposureskate Co-founder, @ameliabrodka, about their visions, goals and accomplishments
• Girls can try on Tea Collection’s new clothing line and take photos with friends
• Create vision boards that encompass values, dreams or goals they wish to attain in the future
• Girls of all abilities will be taught how to skateboard, or fine-tune their skills with coaching from professionals including pro-skater @nealmims and his crew from Neal Mims Skate Academy
Snack and drink samples will be available from @nekterjuicebar (Encinitas Location).
Loaner skateboards, pads, and helmets are available for those interested. .
Learn more by swiping through to read @thekelsays Article in @northcountykids Magazine.
#exposureskate #skaterising #inspire #empower #skatergirl #giveback #encinitas #sandiego #beyourself #skate #skateboardingisfun #girl #community

Yeah Nikolai age 5 from San Mateo CA❗️Happy Shredding❗️ #Repost @ellen_curry11 ・・・
It's official!! The board finally arrived and just like that we have a #skaterboi #firstskatesession #40degreesout #5yearoldskater @skatexs #skateboarding #beginnerskater

Fun had by all❗️Congratulations to SkateXS Riders @jaxsonschroeder and @benettschroeder and @_masonschroeder taking 3rd skating with Alumni SkateXS Rider @zioneffs❗️ Thank you @grindforlifeorg #Repost @jaxsonschroeder. ・・・
🔊 congrats @benettschroeder on 🥇It was a close call, stoked to share the podium with my older brother 😉 all the skaters were super sick @_masonschroeder scored 3rd in his division skating against our former @skatexs teammate @zioneffs! Super fun contest put on by @theboardr @grindforlifeorg @payneskatepark #twins #twinning

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